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A Beginner’s Guide to Bowties

Bow ties define the classy side of men’s fashion. For many, bow ties are a lifestyle and not a mere statement. However, it can be tricky to work your way around the intricacies of men’s bow ties. From formal events to a semi-formal look, there are bow ties for every occasion. This variety makes it difficult to choose which one goes best with your outfit. Additionally, many forget how crucial maintaining and appropriately storing their bow ties are. Read on to understand how to choose from the different options in the market and keep your bow ties looking as good as new.


There are three types of bow ties based on how one needs to wear them – pre-tied, clip-on, and self-tied.


These ties are the easiest to manage. As the name suggests, the bow is tied and attaches around the neck via velcro or a hook. There is no risk of the tie coming loose because it ties around the neck. However, in most formal parties, such a tie would be out of place.


Clip-on bow ties attach via a clip at the collar and not around the neck. The bow is pre-tied, but the lack of support can make it informal.


Many opt for self-tied bow ties for formal events. Self-tied bow ties also give one the freedom to experiment with different knots and styles. They come with the risk of coming loose. However, if one learns how to tie a bow tie, this issue is easily resolvable.

Different Styles

Men’s bow ties are available in a variety of styles. Navigating them can be difficult, but this guide can break it down for you.


The butterfly bow tie is the standard style. The widespread wings of the bow make it perfect for displaying funky and intricate designs. However, it is also the best choice for those who love sticking to the traditional style. They’re perfect for both informal and formal events and are available in a vast range of prints.


This bow tie is more contemporary in style in comparison to other available options. The bow is straight and narrow, almost resembling a rectangle. While the bow may seem skinny, that is what makes it perfect for those with leaner frames.

Flattened Diamond

This crisp bow is narrower and smaller in comparison to the standard bow. Opting for solid and metallic shades while choosing a flattened diamond is best.

Diamond Point

This bow tie is similar to the standard butterfly but with prominent terminal points on the bow. It is classic and timeless, with a touch of sass.

Anyone wearing a diamond point makes a bold and fun fashion statement. Diamond points look best in pastel solids.


This asymmetrical bow tie is bold, modern, and unusual. While not fit for formal events, they allow the wearer to seem fun and versatile. While picking a winged bow tie, opt for fun prints and bright colours.

Maintenance of Men’s Bow ties

After choosing the perfect bow tie, the next challenge is maintaining it as well as new.


Always make a note of the material of the bow tie. For microfibres, one must avoid using any bleach or fabric softeners. Softeners tend to clog the fibres while bleach breaks them down. Never wash microfibre bowties with other cotton clothes.

On the other hand, silk requires more care. One should check for running colours, and if it runs, dry cleaning is the safest option. If not, gentle hand washing is the only way forward.

Careful Wearing

Never allow cologne, perfume, or alcohol to touch the bow tie. Such contact can ruin the colour and overall finish of the bow tie.

No Detergents

While washing, avoid the use of harsh detergents as they can ruin the cloth.

Storage and Ironing

It is advisable to store bow ties carefully to avoid creasing. While ironing out any creases, use a lightly heated iron on the inside.

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