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What are the best party favors for your wedding?

Surely a wedding is one of the most stressful events to plan out. Every single thing down to the party favors must be special and memorable. It’s just something lovely that people around you can cherish.

Whether you choose to have a themed wedding, an environmentally-friendly wedding, or a traditional one, party favors are something you have to plan out according to your guest list and budget. If you are looking forward to having a small wedding, you may have a larger portion of your budget to allocate to your party favors.

Custom keychains

This is a rare wedding favor. You can design a custom acrylic keychain in accordance with the theme of your wedding and order them in bulk from an online business. These keychains serve as the cutest memory of your special day.

It would be a great idea to make these keychains more versatile by not making them an obvious wedding favor. Instead, a generic design would make it more likely that the gift is used.

S’more kits

If you are running on a tight budget, there is no better gift than a s’more kit. They are especially wonderful for winter weddings where the guests can enjoy their treat during the reception. Throw everything together in a small bag with a sticker to commemorate your day and you’re good to go.

A compass

If you plan to hold a destination wedding, your guests are bound to purchase souvenirs. You’re getting a wedding favor for them anyway, why not combine the two and give your guests a souvenir they can remember your special day by?

Engraved coasters

This might be the perfect gift for you if you are hosting a rustic-themed wedding. You can get your coasters engraved with a lovely message thanking your guests and this gift is sure to be well-loved by all your guests!

Hand fans

Summer weddings are so trendy! But of course, the summer heat does not pause for your special day. The perfect party favor for your guests will definitely be a lovely hand fan. There are plenty of designs you can choose from, and even get them customized.


Your wedding is your special day and there are countless gifts to choose from for your guests to commemorate your special day. What you choose as favors depends on the portion of your wedding you allocate to your favors.

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