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Keeping Up With The Trends: Ward Robe Essentials

Gender, class, and sex are no longer barriers to fashion. The idea is no longer locked in the 1960s when fashion meant only elegant apparel worn on a runway. Fashion is no longer limited to outfits worn for photo sessions or award events.

Australian fashion is recognised for its primary, beach-style pants and flip-flops; yet, the luxury suit industry has experienced growth. This is reflected by the fact that Sydney ranks #8 in the global fashion capital rankings, whereas Melbourne ranks #26! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the market revenue for streetwear is around $185 billion, making it the highest-grossing sector. Streetwear in Sydney and other prominent cities serve as the hub for the shopping population.

The concept of fashion has evolved to mean much more than just a fine piece of clothing. It is a representation of cultural and ethnic groups’ artistic endeavours. Clothing also reflects engagement in a community, for example. IBIS World reports that premium streetwear stores in Sydney have the highest engagement rate (around 15%) compared to other Aussie cities!

Dressing for the occasion

Even though fashion has crossed sex, gender, class, and economic status lines, some garments are still reserved for specific occasions. Dressing for the season is one of the most critical aspects. Because each season has its features that affect us in different ways, this practice becomes essential. For example, one cannot wear a wedding gown in the winter instead of streetwear for grocery shopping!

Another important criterion is to dress appropriately for the occasion. This is a crucial ability that allows people to make the optimal first impression possible. Attending a meeting or a professional conference, for example, requires wearing a suit or a business skirt and shirt. In some professional contexts, failing to follow the dress code might result in the loss of a job!

Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion has evolved to match every social context today. There’s the attire for every event, from your boss’s social gathering to Zumba lessons to a dinner date! Here is a list of wardrobe staples that everyone should have:

  • Tinted Blazers: For the past few years, these jackets have been in high demand. Blazers with tints come in various colours, including dark colours like black and pastel tones like lilac. These blazers can be worn with almost anything! Blazers can be worn over dresses for a date night in the same way that jean jackets can. For an official meeting, it can be worn over straight-cut professional pants. Blazers are trendy in Sydney, the fashion capital of Australia!
  • White Tees: A plain white shirt is an absolute must-have in one’s wardrobe. White shirts can be worn with various outfits, ranging from formal, well-cut long pants to breezy Hawaiian shorts. White shirts are commonly thought to be uninteresting. However, this is not the case! Because white shirts are likened to a blank canvas board, several accessories are famously worn with them. White shirts are the most commonly adorned streetwear in Sydney and other capital cities by young adults!
  • LBD: A little black dress is a must-have! Depending on the occasion, these dresses come in a variety of materials. A sequin LBD is appropriate for a gala event, whereas a satin LBD is appropriate for a vacation ball. Standard mixed fabric LBDs can also be worn to work buttoned in as shirts. Many LBDs have unusual necklines: plunging, trimmed, turtleneck—you name it, you got it!
  • Trench Coats: Trench coats are long, brown or beige coats that are very popular. They are worn in the winter as well as autumn. They’re usually constructed of gabardine, jacquard, or wool flannel and assist in keeping the user warm and stylish.

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