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5 Ways to Style Men’s Moccasin Shoes

Invented by Native Americans, Moccasin Shoes have been in use for hundreds of years and are one of the most classic shoes in the men’s wardrobe.

The epitome of casual comfort, moccasin shoes are popular partly due to their versatility. They can be worn with a variety of different outfits and complement the entire look instead of compromising on its style, as long as you understand the right color combinations.


Since casual moccasin styles vary greatly, they are appropriate in any season of the year depending on the specific style. You may consider the moccasin to be a shoe that is reserved for casual settings, but with a little style know-how, you’ll be slipping them on for work, the weekend, and everything in between. Let us see how to style men’s moccasin shoes. Let’s have a look at how you can style them this summer.


1.   With Summer Shorts:

Moccasins are a perfect shoe for the summers due to their loose-fitting and comfortable design compared to other shoes. Hence, they make you look and feel cool in the warm weather, no matter which outfit you pair them with. One of the best outfits to pair moccasins with is your summer shorts. A versatile and comfy choice, shorts and moccasins are a style you need to explore this season.

2.   With Casual Joggers:

Have to run some weekend errands? Or meeting friends for a BBQ? You can slip on your casual moccasins with your everyday jog pants for a street-casual look. Another benefit of pairing casual moccasins and jog pants is that you can wear any color of casual moccasins with any color of jogs, and they will still make a classy yet easy-going outfit.

3.   With Chinos:

Apart from your casual look, moccasins also look great with your formal, more professional outfits. So the next time you’re about to attend an important dinner or a business meeting, pair your moccasins with your chino pants and dress shirt for a complete look that doesn’t compromise on your comfort. This will go great with your smart-casual aesthetic while also providing you with the confidence you need to get through the occasion with style.

4.   With Polo Shirts:

One of the best things about summer is the variety of polo shirts you can invest in for your wardrobe. And what better shoes to wear with your polos than your smart-casual shorts and comfy moccasins? Go for a color combination that complements your personality, and you’ll definitely find a new look to pull off during this season.

5.   With V Neck Shirts:

Nothing says smart-casual quite like the versatility you get with v-neck t-shirts. And whether you want to wear them during a casual lunch or a busy day at work, moccasins are the best shoes to pair them with in order to provide you with a classier, more trending look to pull off this season. For your casual outings, wear a more antique style of moccasins, whereas, for your more formal meet-ups, you can go for scale buckle moccasins.

There are so many styles of moccasin shoes that it is nearly impossible to not own a pair. With that said, you need to consider the type of wardrobe you have and buy moccasins that are in sync with that aesthetic. And if you are a shorts-and-button-down type of guy, your world opens up a bit more as moccasins are generally more casual.

Regardless, you’re not likely to go wrong with moccasin shoes; the slip-on shoe is both comfortable and charming. All in all, moccasins make a fantastic addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. Check out more from the collection at FHS Official.

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