The Different Types of Beautyforever Human Hair Wigs

The number of human hair wigs on the market today gives you many options to get rid of any shape of your choice. But all of these options can make you a little confused about what you should invest your money in. With the variety of human hair lace wigs out there, it can be difficult to know which type is best for your needs.

At Beautyforever Hair, we’re here to help you solve all the problems you may have in trying to decide which human hair lace front wig to include in your collection. This guide will go through the different types of wigs to help you figure out who you should spend your money on.

We got your back! Beautyforever Hair has done all the serious research on the types of human hair wigs and when all types of hair would be good to wear. Not sure what type of wig means? No worries, I had no idea just a week ago. We’ve gathered all the information you need, so keep reading. We’ve even included videos to show you how to style each type of wig.

What does wig type mean?

Now that I’ve mentioned a few types of wigs, you’re probably wondering, “What on earth does that mean?” Well, in a nutshell, the type of wig is what it looks like. I know this may sound basic, but let me tell you that with all types of human hair, it can be difficult to figure out which wig to buy.

The type of human hair lace wig you are attracted to will depend on the look you are trying to go for. Each type of wig looks different and will give you a special vibe. So keep reading to find out which wig will be suitable for your lifestyle.

The Different Types of Beautyforever Hair Wigs


Lace frontal wig, or lace front wig, is a wig made with frontal. Frontal is a piece of hair made of lace or silk that completes the wig or weave on the top of the head. Its function is to combine the hairline and the natural skin, giving the scalp the illusion. It extends from ear to ear and extends at least 4 inches to the back of the head.

The frontal wigs are ideal for people who want their wigs to look as natural as possible, and can even help people with thinning hair. Gives frontal wigs more styling options and provides full coverage of hairline as well as scalp imitations. This is the most popular type of lace wig.


The curly human hair wigs for black women are a normal and normal hair style. Short curly human hair wig, especially for African American women. Curly hair wig is beautiful and cute which is suitable for most people.

Curly hair is completed with curly stitching in a wig with lace closure or lace frontal. There are long curly wigs and short curly wigs according to the length of curly hair. Most curly hair wigs are naturally black, with the development of fashion, beautifier hair ombre curly wigs and blonde curly wigs are also available that cater to the different needs of the people.

Lace frontal is 13×4 inch or 13×6 inch, while lace closure is 4×4 inch lace closure, 5×5 lace closure, 6×6 lace closure, or 7×7 lace closure. Of course, lace-up curly wigs are cheaper than lace frontal curly wigs. The hair on the lace was hand-sewn which is very natural and invisible. The lace frontal is an ear-to-ear frontal covering the forehead, you can participate in any direction on the lace frontal. If you want to have a deeper hairline, you can order a 13×6 inch lace frontal curly wig.

The hair on the wig is 100 human hairs, complete hair cuticles. So you can color and allow the hairstyle of your choice. Remy virgin hair without any chemicals, hair processing, soft, bouncy, shiny, without lice, free from blemishes, and free from tangles.

Bleach knots avoid black knots on the lace, so it is very natural. The pre-drawn line varies in the density of the hair on the forehead which is similar to the original hair line.

Beauty Forever Hair offers premium and standard virgin human hair with a variety of styles. We can help you revive all the fantasies of your hair. Our main goal is to give you options that enhance your beauty and give you extra confidence to end the world.

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