7 tips for buying prescription glasses online

Surely you’ve wondered how it is possible for people to buy prescription glasses online. Choosing frames, lenses and receiving your glasses at home ready to be used really seems crazy, but it’s all so practical, easy and fast, that you soon forget all prejudices, just like you did with shopping for clothes, shoes, perfumes…

But that’s ok, we understand your fears and anxieties! But to prove to you how easy it is to buy glasses online, we’ve created a guide with 7 killer tips to help you. We’re sure you’ll love it so much!

  1. Find a reliable website

First you need to know which site you are buying from, right? That makes all the difference! Some certificates in the footer of the site indicate the company’s best practices, such as customer service and even security of the data you are using when purchasing, such as credit card data, for example.

  1. Have the recipe at hand

Surely you’ve been to the eye doctor, right? Remember that only he has the authority to examine and conclude your need to wear glasses or not. After all, his eye health is very important and should be taken seriously.

  1. Know what your need is

So, what’s the reason the ophthalmologist prescribed you glasses? Didn’t understand those super complicated terms well? Okay, we’ll explain!

– Myopia – is the difficulty in seeing at a distance;

– Hyperopia – is the difficulty in seeing up close;

– Astigmatism – is the difficulty in seeing near and far;

– Presbyopia – is that feeling of tired eyes that usually occurs after the age of 40.

  1. Know your face shape

– Rounded – face with few defined angles and causes the forehead and chin to be rounded;

– Square – Broad forehead and chin, beyond the contour of the cheek until the jaw is almost straight.

– Diamond – part of the jaw wider than the forehead, chin thinner and pointed, giving the impression that the lower part is more evident than the upper part.

– Oval – this shape resembles an upside-down egg, with the width of the face slightly wider than the length – cheeks slightly wider than the forehead and jaw.

– Long – the long face is characterized by features that taper towards the chin.

  1. Know the models that match the format

Now that you already know what your face shape is, how about knowing a little more about the models of frames that match it?

– Diamond – oval or aviator glasses frames

– Oval – matches almost all eyeglass shapes. Just choose and go for the hug!

– Round – oversized or rectangular frames are the most recommended

– Square – in this format, round glasses frames look amazing;

– Long – Wide, round frames balance best with this shape.

  1. Define your style

Usually, the first time you choose your glasses, the idea is always the most discreet model possible. This is normal, as you will suddenly have an extra complement on your face from then on. As you get used to the frames in your everyday life, it is now possible to vary between colors, shapes and sizes. But it’s also important to consider your style. If you are a more discreet person, perhaps more neutral models and colors are the most suitable. If you are into fashion and like to dare, bet on more vibrant frames.

A tip we give is to always have more than one frame, like shoes. So, you can vary between clothes, styles and occasions, putting together a new look every day!

  1. Choose lenses

Choosing lenses is a very important step when making your purchase. After all, the lenses need to be in harmony with the frames.

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