Jackets Guide: Choosing the Right Custom Jacket for your Business

With cold temperatures it is necessary to have adequate custom jacket, which make us feel protected and sheltered. As for companies, it is very important to have customized garments, but choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult, especially given the amount of options and features we can choose from.

Giacche softshell

Custom softshell jackets are an essential piece for any business. They are made with a very soft material, which allows for a more comfortable experience than the more rigid hardshell jackets. Softshell jackets bridge the gap between a fleece jacket and a waterproof jacket, plus they have a lightweight and breathable design . They are famous for being water repellent, breathable and elastic. They are typically made of polyester with the addition of elastane. We can choose these jackets if we have to face frequent transitions from hot to cold. Organizations and businesses typically opt for custom softshell jackets as an addition to employee uniforms. Not only that, these garments also become incentives or gift ideas for employees.

Thermal jackets

The customized thermal jackets are designed to keep the wearer warm and protected from cold temperatures between + 10 ° C and -10 ° C. The outer part is made of polyester, with a quilted design. Thermal jackets have internal insulation that traps hot air to make the person feel warm and the outer layers are usually water repellent to keep dry and protected. Some thermal jackets are designed to be packable and therefore easily transportable. They are perfect garments for outdoor activities and for companies that want to equip their employees with an easy-to-carry custom jacket that could be worn over uniforms.

3 in 1 jackets

3 – in-1 jackets are known to be of high quality due to their durable design. They are built to withstand extreme cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. They are designed with outer layers of polyester and inner fleece lining, as well as finishes in water repellent and snow proof material . These are rather long jackets, designed to provide extra coverage, also thanks to the presence of a hood and pockets with zippers. The 3-in-1 jackets are a great choice for companies looking to add a warm, high-quality jacket to their employee or team uniforms to prepare for the cold season. They are also great employee incentives or gift ideas during the holiday season.

Wearing custom jackets creates a sense of unity.

When all the friends wear a jacket of the same color and with the same print, then the sense of cohesion increases. Everyone feels they are part of the group and are on the same level.

Not only that: the use of the custom jacket also creates solidarity between the group. Having solid supporters is essential for group morale, as it further motivates the individuals.

In conclusion

Custom jackets with the logo and team name are so important for all these and other reasons.

Wearing these items of clothing ( even in contexts other than training and matches ) helps to stimulate the consensus of the fans, show the loyalty of the players to their sports team and keep all team members together.

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