Custom hunting knife – a unique gift for a hunter

If you want to make a unique and impressive gift to the hunter or toan experienced collector, then this article is for you. Custom made hunting knife is adorned with beautiful engraving. The blade is made of high-quality Austrian steel Bohler N695. Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, hand engraving, polishing and fretwork. On both sides of the handle are engraved pictures of fighting animals and floral ornaments. A hand satin finish involves sanding the blade in one direction with increasing degrees of a fine abrasive. A satin finish shows the bevels of the blade, showcasing the lines of the custom knife, while reducing its reflective glare. Ebony handle with one finger groove and two titanium rivets. Forest landscape and decorative motifs are engraved on titanium guard. Luxury black leather sheath and handmade wooden box are in the set. You are welcome to discover our engraved knife collection. Take a look at these two wonderful creations.

Knife “Male deer”

The scene of the duel of red deer, exclusively fine and precisely engraved on the blade of Bohler N695 steel. Detailed forest landscape and floral ornaments engraving for additional decoration. An art knife that reveals the natural strive to dominate and become a leader, where the stronger and more skillful wins. A finerepresentationgofskillful knifeengraving.

Knife “Gray wolf”

For all those fighting alone. The wolf strength implemented in powerful hunting blade. Ebony handle with one finger groove and two titanium rivets. Titanium guard with hand engraved leaf decorative motifs. For this custom hunting knife – luxury black leather sheath and handmade luxury wooden box.

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