Benefits of going Bald

Benefits of going bald? Yes! You read it right. Baldness too comes with its own sets of benefits and even a man without any severe hair issues can opt for the bald look and give it a try. There are many myths associated with a bald man and his sets of problems but this is the 21st century, to scream out loud, and now a man with hair or no hair doesn’t really make any difference. One can be bald and still be on the cover page of a fashion magazine or play the lead in a movie. With perspectives changing and fashion goals touching the new heights, the bald look can be a statement look for anyone to perceive. So, if you are the one reading this with a head shave razor in hand and skeptical about taking the steps towards shaving off those manes, JUST GO FOR IT. You can always give it a chance and see for yourself how it works, and in case it doesn’t sit well with you, hairs always grow back in some time.


Now, if you are still hesitant about the shaving thing, check out the benefits that this step can bring to you.


An all new look:


As shared by many who opted for the bald look, baldness is one of the most liberating experiences, it frees you from the hair troubles of dandruff and falling hair. To sport, a bald look would mean to give yourself the fortuity of donning a new appearance. For anyone with the male pattern baldness, shaving off the manes can convey confidence and youthfulness. In short, the bald look can help in shedding the years-old boring look and get a fresh new attractive mien.




The Adonis:


According to myths, men miss out on being desirous by women if gone bald, but studies suggest else erstwhile. Bald men reflect masculinity, strength, loyalty, and dominance, which women find attractive and are more likely to choose them as life partners. Also, men carrying a bald look have the reputation of being more agreeable and approachable. So, confidence is the key, and the bald head is the primal essence of swooning a woman.



It’s time-saving and economical:


Another benefit of going bald is that you can cut down on your regular salon costs of hairstyling by a one-time investment in head shavers for men and you are free from those salon appointments. It would liberate you to do your own shaving at your convenient time and place. Getting yourself into a shaving routine can help you maintain the bald look completely.



Enhancing the facial features:



With the head free of the locks, your face can now have all the attention. It is now time that you enhance the other attractive features that didn’t get much attention a the head took it all. Moreover, if you are having signs of baldness all the attention goes to those bald spots with the face going nadir in comparison. Shaving the hair can relieve you of the embarrassing bald spots and highlight those magnetic eyes, shaped brows, or amorous lips.



Testosterone doing the thing:



Male pattern baldness is caused by high testosterone levels which convert into DHT and harm the hair follicles, but they have some other positive effects on the body. High testosterone levels promote higher metabolism and also lead to a lesser concentration of fat thus helping to stay in shape.



Bald for the Summers:


We all agree that summers frustrate us with the hot, humid, and sweaty feeling that leads to thoughts of having a bald head to relax. Summers are the best time to embrace the bald look as it would help you have the breezy feeling and also allow you to style with some statement hats. With that bald head, even the hottest day can be refreshing as you can avoid sweaty and wet hair. However, what remains important is that sunscreens are a must for the scalp during those summer days, else you can end up with a burning or tan.



Successful Career:



According to studies conducted, a Bald head comes with many social advantages. It gives off the impression that a person is bold, confident, and active which paves the way for better career opportunities. Going bald can be a life-changing decision and takes a lot of courage but once you step in the shoes of a bald man you can feel the liberation and self-confidence that comes with it. It is believed that a man without hair screams of dominance and leadership so more and more men are planning to shave off those manes and aim toward career growth.




Wrapping up:


If you have been trying to adjust to those falling hairs and hiding those bald spots, it’s time that you make the decision to shave off the hairs and take a step towards a more confident version of yourself. The world is no longer obsessed with the idea of a head full of hair and people now wear with pride the grey hairs and the baldness, so, push away the skepticism and embrace the bald hairstyle for a new you.

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