Things To Consider When Travelling To Canada For The First Time

Canada is a diverse, culturally rich country with so much to explore and learn about. But if you’re planning on travelling to Canada for the first time, it can be hard to know what to expect. In this article, I’ve compiled some of the things that might be some of the top considerations you should keep in mind when travelling to Canada. So, when making your next trip, I hope that you’ll consider these things!

Preparing For Your Trip To Canada

It may seem like you’ve planned everything and have already packed for your trip to Canada, but this won’t be enough. You’ll need to adjust your packing list based on what climate you are traveling to and how long your visit is going to last. Packing for a two-week trip typically includes clothes appropriate for the four seasons, layered clothing in case it gets cold at night, extra shoes or boots, and other outdoor clothing items.

Make Sure You Have The Right Travel Documents

Before you start preparing for your trip to Canada, you’ll want to make sure that you meet all the requirements in order to enter. You must have a valid passport and a visa. Make sure to check the entry requirements of Canada before packing up your bags, as they are different depending on where you plan on visiting.

Tipping in Canada

Tipping in Canada is not mandatory but it is encouraged. Tipping is practiced in most countries, including Canada, and can be seen to help business owners recuperate their financial losses. Some people may want to tip the person who bagged their groceries for them or the bus driver who helped them with their luggage. It’s best to keep 20% of your total bill for tipping if you’re unsure about how much you should give.

Culture & fests in Canada

There are many things to consider when travelling to Canada for the first time, so it is important that you know what you might encounter. One of the most fascinating events in Canada is Oktoberfest, which is a Bavarian festival that takes place annually in September and October. This event begins on the first Sunday in September and goes until the last Sunday in October. The event lasts for three days and features plenty of beer. It’s also an opportunity to sample some traditional cuisine like pretzels and sausages.

Driving in Canada

Driving in Canada can be an adventure. Before you leave, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with winter tires, a shovel and snow chains. You are allowed to drive in Canada even if the vehicle doesn’t have a rear license plate. Just remember that it will cost more to rent or buy a car over there so budget accordingly.

Explore Canada’s Nature!

When travelling to Canada for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of these is that Canada is great for nature lovers. Not only does its geographical location make it a prime spot for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, but also because of the diversity of natural habitats found across the country. If you want to take in nature up close, there are a lot of opportunities to do so in Canada.


When travelling to Canada for the first time, you will be amazed by how friendly and open-minded people are. You will also get a sense of how clean the country is and how easy it is to travel around. The things to consider when travelling to Canada are the country’s language, culture, customs, and traditions. For example, Canadians eat with their hands. They also don’t speak loud so you may have to speak up a little if you’re there in person. There’s an old saying that says “if you’ve never been down the back streets of Toronto late at night, then you might not know how dangerous they can be.” 

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