5 Places to Move If You Are Worried About Climate Change And 5 to Avoid

Moving to another place can be quite a difficult decision. It is not easy to shift your entire living and lifestyle and adapt to another area. The main concern for many people when moving is the climate. The climate impacts a lot of our daily lives. 

The climate highly impacts the way we dress, eat, function and also our daily routine. If you are someone who has a very particular routine, then you may need to consider the climate before moving to a certain place. 

It can be very difficult if you come from a hot place to move to a cold area as you will have to make lots of changes in the way that you normally function. There are many places that you can move to which will help you to stay protected from climate change. 

Other concerns for climate change could be fears of natural calamities and other such geographical changes. Many people also don’t like rain and prefer to be in a dry climate only. When choosing a place depending upon the climate, you need to consider a lot of things.

First of all, you need to figure out your expectations and requirements from the climate of the place that you wish to visit. Self-stores are also a huge concern which relates to climate. When there is climate change, you will require some storage units to keep all items in a good condition. 

There are a few places that are completely safe and perfect for someone who doesn’t like climate change. If you wish to know more about these, keep reading the article. Here are the 5 places to move to if you are worried about climate change and 5 places to avoid:

  • 5 places to go to:


Boston is a great place to find some great self-storage in the USA. This is a great place to shift to as it has the least amount of heat in the USA. Moreover, it has some of the best self-storage in the USA. It is not extremely cold as well. 

Since it is quite civilised it is a highly safe city to visit. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any natural calamities as the civilisation of the city is made in a way to keep you as safe as possible. 


Greenland is an amazing place to go to if you are worried about climate change. It is the perfect place to go as it has an amazing climate which is not too hot nor too cold.

It is perfectly warm which makes it great to stay at as you will be able to adapt very easily to the environment.


London is a great place to move to if you are someone who wishes for an easy city to live in. You will also find some great storage companies in London which will make the self-storage process a lot easier. London has some of the top self-storage companies that will make your move in as smooth and easy as possible.


If you wish to find some of the best self-storage companies, then Ireland is the perfect place for you. Moreover, Ireland is also very easy to adapt to if you move there as it has everything in regulation. The civilisation, climate along with the government is very easy to adapt to and you will have a great time there.


Michigan has some of the largest self-storage companies in the US. Therefore, if you want to move there, you will have a very easy time as the process will be very smooth. 

  • 5 places to avoid:


Japan is not the best place to shift to as it has a very extreme climate. It is also quite a dangerous country as it has lots of open violence.


The Philippines is another country that you should avoid visiting. It has quite a lot of changes in climate and many natural calamities. Moreover, it is difficult to adjust and adapt to as it is a whole different culture which will take you lots of effort to fit into. 


Madagascar is not the best place to move to as it is not a very safe place. Moreover, it has a lot of crowd and is famous for petty thefts. 

In addition, most people speak French in Madagascar. Therefore, if you do not know how to speak the language properly, you may struggle a lot.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is not a good place to move to if extreme climates are not something that you are fond of. This is because it is usually pretty hot over here. Moreover, you will face lots of cultural differences along with communication problems.


Canada is a very difficult place to move to and adapt to as it has a very extreme climate. It is snowing in Canada almost all the time and therefore, you will find it very difficult to finish any work.

These are the top 5 places to move to if you are worried about climate change and 5 to avoid. We hope that this article could help you understand the different geographic conditions of these places and figure out the best destination to move to.

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