How to Run a Business of Selling and Buying Pallets for Liquidation 

Did you know you can earn a lot of cash reselling products even if you start with a small budget?

It can be a great side hustle to double your income. You can even turn it into a long-term career or business. Plus you get to be your own boss, work at your own timing and set your own prices. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

So you might be wondering, how does liquidation resale work? Well, it’s not rocket science that’s for certain.

Liquidation pallets contain overstock, shelf pulls and returned products that large retailers are trying to sell at very low prices. So when you buy liquidation pallets in Singapore, you can resell the merchandise to earn back what you spent on it and even more. All you need to do is Google ‘liquidation stores near me’ to get started.

Are you interested yet? If yes, then let’s explore more about what it takes to run a successful liquidation resale business.

Steps to Run a Successful Business Reselling Liquidated Products

Choose Between Liquidation and Wholesale 

Liquidation and wholesale may be similar but they still have key differences. The prices in wholesale are fixed and the quantity varies. On the other hand, liquidated products are excess or overstock that a company is trying to sell quickly.

Nowadays you can buy liquidation pallets from B2B auction platforms. This gives both big and small businesses the chance to compete fairly for the goods.

Find the Right Sources

The next step is to locate reliable wholesale liquidation companies that will sell you the stocks you want. You must choose a source that has a good reputation and receives positive reviews from its buyers.

Then you need to ask yourself the important questions. Are there specific products that are in high demand among your customers? Do you want brand-new products or refurbished ones?

Get Authorisation to Resell

So you’ve set up your business and you’re ready to start selling. But before anything else, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary authorisations to resell liquidated goods.

After you register your business, don’t forget to obtain a resale certificate too. This will also help you get exempted from using a chunk of your earnings to pay taxes.

Buy Your Desired Stock

Now it’s time to buy the stocks you want from the wholesale liquidation companies. If you want to buy liquidation pallets from retail giants like Target or Walmart, you’ll be relieved to find lots of them at private online marketplaces.

You can also head to other online platforms that operate like an auction. You’ll be able to study the stock and bid the amount you’d like to pay.

Start Reselling Your Goods

Once everything is sorted, you can move on to deciding where to sell your products. Online platforms like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay can help you reach more customers.

In addition, if you want to avoid spending money on shipping, you can sell the goods offline. There are tons of thrift shops and flea markets available for that.

How to Sell Liquidated Merchandise to Customers

 Form a Business Strategy 

It’s always good to pregame before you start selling to customers. So make sure you check the listings, and your customers’ demands and set the pricing accordingly. And don’t forget to account for new inventory, shipping, extra labour etc.

Prioritise Market Research 

Do some market research to understand who you’re selling to and what you need to sell more. You can use these insights to craft a business model that will cater to your clients’ demands. Plus it will also help when you buy liquidation pallets in Singapore.

Learn New Skills

You don’t need to have a professional business degree to run a liquidation resale business. But as the industry keeps evolving, you also need to keep up. So don’t be afraid to take up new skills like marketing and photography.

Do Competitive Analysis 

It is very helpful to study what moves your competitors are making. You should always check which liquidation store they buy from and what they’re selling the products for. This way you can set the best prices to compete with them.

Leverage Paid Ads

Advertising your products and business is a great way to reach more people and drive sales. Paid ads on various social media platforms won’t cost you a lot. So you can leverage them if you’re on a tight budget.

Set Up a Good Image

To run a successful business, you need to prioritise your client’s satisfaction. If you provide good customer service, they will reward you with positive reviews. In turn, this will attract more people to come to buy your products.


This might seem like quite the to-do list. But all these tips are absolutely essential if you want to sell liquidated products and earn money.

Buying liquidation pallets and reselling them is a very profitable business venture. And you’d be a fool not to give it a try yourself. So use those proven tips and tricks to ensure a successful liquidation resale business.

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