The 5 Most Beautiful Historical Visits to Make in Canada

Canada ranks as the second largest country in the world. It’s famous for the beautiful Niagra falls, Lake Louise, and its national parks. However, like every great nation, Canada also has a rich history that is worth exploring. Before the country was occupied by settlers, it was home to natives who left their historical markings for the world to see. Tourists looking to get an insight into Canadian history and the people behind it might not know where to start. After all, there is a lot to cover. So, in this guide, we will provide insight into 7 of the most beautiful historical places in Canada.

Best Historical Places to Visit in Canada

Canada has a lot of historical places for tourists to visit. Some of them include:

Ninstints, HeidaGwaii Island, British Columbia

HeidaGwaiiisland is a land mass on the west coast of Canada. It houses the village site known as SGangGwaay. A world heritage site where some totem poles with an historical interpretive signage were discovered.HeidaGwaii used to be inhabited by locals, however, they were wiped out by disease in the late 1800s.

A very unique feature about HeidaGwaii is that the totem poles there are not being artificially preserved, instead, they are allowed to be subjected to their natural climate where they can decay over time.

Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

This fortress is a quarter reconstructed National Historic site that is part of the battle that marks the history of Anglo-French people in Canada. The site was converted to a National park in the early 1900s. It fell to ruins after serving as an economic center for France before being reconstructed by the Canadian government.

L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland

This world heritage site was excavated by an explorer from Norway named Helge Ingstad. It was once an aboriginal settlement, with evidence showing that it has existed for up to 1000 years. It was once a forest area but has now become a grassland over time, there are remains of structures and other Norse items proving that the grasslands were once occupied by Nordic settlers.

Fairmont Historic Railway Hotels

These grand hotels were constructed along railways routes in 19th-century style architecture. They were constructed for the comfort of railways passengers and have maintained their world-class standards till date. The hotels have been restored to maintain their French and Scottish architectural styles.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

This site is home to evidence of dinosaurs inhabiting Canada. The spire-filled landscape contains fields of dinosaur fossils and is surrounded by sub-tropical vegetation. It has evidence of over 30 different dinosaur species dating back to approximately 75 million years back. The site’s landscape can be explored by hiking or with vehicles.

Canada’s amazing history does not end with just these adventures, Ontario has two popular historical locations for tourists, Fort Henry and Parliament Hill, and exploring Canada will also result in discovering more of these significant parts of history.

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