An efficient user performance makes the company able to meet the target. Recent studies have shown that maximum of employees waste one day per week while searching the information with which they can satisfy their job requirements.

With time the adaptation of technology is taking the business to a new height. This new technology is upgrading the efficiency of the performance of any company. The deficiency in the performance is also boosting the productivity of the company at a rapid rate increasing turnover. However, what will happen if any employee of the company is unable to adjust to the advanced technology? Or, what will happen if any employee has any problem understanding the feature of any application? The employee may not feel comfortable sharing this problem with the senior in the fear of being criticized by the seniors. But this fear may in turn bring a loss to the company.

To avoid this problem, any company can adopt an electronic performance support system to help their employees to complete their projects efficiently and effectively.

What is an electronic performance support system?

An electronic performance support system is software that provides training to an individual. It helps the user to finish the work with efficiency under the proper guidance. Since an electronic performance support system can boost the productivity of any employee by providing efficient training, this is adopted by many companies.

In another word, an electronic performance support system will provide the essential answer that is required to solve the problem of the employee at the right time.

What is the different form of performance support system?

Performance support systems are of numerous types,  but the most common types are listed below.

  • Digital adoption platform: Digital adoption platform allows the company to build content that is interactive, the guidance of application, popups, content related to self-help, FAQs, and many more.
  • Knowledge-based software: Knowledge-based software permits and company to build and hubs that will permit an employee as well as the user to enquire about the content through which they can find the answer to their questions.

Benefits of electronic performance support system

  • Transparency is maintained in the electronic performance support system:- This point is important for maintaining privacy. Since anyone who is using the electronic performance support system is not being aware about the source of information through any process. Any employee who is using the system is not knowing about another employee who is inquiring about different queries. Hence the privacy is maintained in the electronic performance support system.
  • Electronic performances support system is user-friendly:- An Employee need to learn about the usage of the electronic performance support system before using the application efficiently to solve the queries.
  • Electronic performance support system retrieves the information easily:-The electronics performance support system can access any information and display it in no time. Since any employee who is searching for the information may require it urgently.
  • Electronic performance support system reduces the need for a manual lesson:- The team of HR does not require to provide the manual lessons to the employer of the company if the company has successfully adapted the electronic performance support system. Since if any query arises the employer can solve the query with the help of the system.
  • Electronic support system upgrades the standard of employees:- Electronic support system turns the beginner user into an advanced one by constantly solving the queries. This makes the employee more comfortable to learn the new feature and the company gets a large return of investment while using an electronic support system.
  • Electronic support system should be updated easily:-Any employee might take the help of an electronic support system to run an application or software. It may happen that after a certain time, the software may get updated. Hence to solve the queries related to the updated software the electronic support system should get itself updated easily without any problem. The digitalized method of updating the electronic performance support system has made the process much quicker and easier.


An electronic support system can be used to train the employee and for any other reason, the basic outline of the system will remain unchanged. The electronic support system will be sufficient to answer the queries only if it is designed efficiently. An electronic support system can be created or can be directly bought from any source.

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