Renowned Cryptocurrency trading bots in 2022

Innovation always opens doors for new opportunities. New systems, services, and products have been launched due to the introduction of cryptocurrency trading. Trading bots are an ideal example of these innovations linked to cryptocurrency, tokes, and security trading. Cryptocurrency is quite famous for the high profits associated with it. However, there are equally high risks associated with the same because of the volatile nature of the market. The market trends always change in seconds, meaning you could make profits in a few minutes and make losses within the next seconds. Trading bots make trading easier and more effective compared to human trading. It is because they evaluate the market and identify the most profitable assets, select the most promising strategies and invest in a place of the human trader. At the moment, there are dozens of cryptocurrency trading bots in the market. Some of the most reliable Cryptocurrency trading bots include;

Crypto Boom

Crypto Boom is among the renowned cryptocurrency trading bot and platforms. Unlike other platforms, this company believes in maximizing customer profits at minimal costs. They believe it is important to achieve inclusivity so that both advanced and novice traders can reap the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. The trading bot is automated to foster flexibility and convenience; once activated, the human trader does not have to keep checking the system as the bot does all the work and works 24/7. The minimum deposit for Crypto Boom is $250, and the success rate is said to be 90%. Some of the supported cryptocurrencies include; BTC, NEO, LTC, ETH, ADA, DASH, ZEC, IOTA, and BNB, among others. There are no commissions, meaning the customer gets all the profit made, and the withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours. However, the software developer is unclear about the system, and the support is not the best.


Pionex is very different from other Cryptocurrency trading platforms. Most sites will only avail of one trading bot, which can be free or paid for, depending on the platform. Pionex considers the different needs of different Cryptocurrency trading platforms by availing 16 different trading bots. These in-built bots allow customers to configure them to meet the different needs; after configuration, the automated bot takes up the task of evaluating the market, selecting the most profitable or promising assets, and making investments in place of the client. However, the bots are not free; only the demo account where one can make trials of trades before making actual investments is available for free. Pionex charges a fee of 0.05% for every trade made. Customers using the rebalancing bots can hold more coins than standard bots. This gives them a chance to make multiple investments concurrently and increase their chances of making profits.


NAGA is the only Cryptocurrency trading bot and platform that applies the copy strategy. In this type of trade, the bot evaluates the market, identifies the best traders, and then copies its strategies. Typically bots work by evaluating the market and identifying promising assets, but this is not the case for Naga. The minimum deposit for this trading platform is $ 250. Some of the accepted wallets include; credit cards, Giropay, Neteller, Skrill, and Bitcoin Cash. It supports several exchanges such as BTC, BNB, ADA, DASH, IOTE, and NEO, among others. The web-based system also has a mobile application, making it easy to use and access from any location. It supports hundreds of users, which means the list to copy trades from is quite vast. However, this Cryptocurrency trading platform does not function in Australia and the USA.

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