How can we improve the Blockchain?

With the decentralized network system, we have already achieved so much that it gives us a pretty clear idea about how the future might be designed if we follow the path of this innovation. Not only the Cryptosystem but Blockchain also have carved paths for many other industries. In, Blockchain has become the vision of tomorrow.  The technology which supports the network system by numerous nodes establishes a peer-to-peer connection for keeping the information secure and anonymous. In the meanwhile, it is also quite true that Blockchain has many setbacks and if not solved from now only, it might harm many other systems.

Consensus Mechanism

The consensus mechanism or procedure is the method or procedure by which a transfer is communicated, verified, and finished in a blockchain network. This consensus mechanism is even more important for striking a delicate equilibrium between a blockchain network’s level of decentralization, capacity, and safety. As a result, selecting the appropriate consensus mechanism is critical to the network system’s efficient operation.

Network Latency

This is the most significant aspect influencing the network’s total efficiency in a dispersed design. While a transfer has to be verified, it must be propagated to all servers and the responses compiled for majority-based confirmation. The connection latencies can thus be regulated with specialized connection capacity.


Since blockchain is open, security is a major worry. For improved confidentiality, one should dependably hold their information secure. Regrettably, Bitcoin is not entirely anonymous. Numerous people have flocked to virtual currency such as Monero, which is designed to provide greater privacy and confidentiality. However, it must be treated with caution in any crypto chain.

Energy Consumption

Most Blockchain systems must consume a significant amount of power for the mining procedure to achieve the Proof-of-Work consensus. The previous year, it was stated that the computer power needed to maintain the Bitcoin system functioning utilizes the same amount of power as 159 of the world’s countries, which is extremely detrimental to the environment. Only the Proof-of-Stake system can provide a solution.

Increasing Knowledgeability

The buzz surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency have begun to skew predictions. They are pioneering and possess a wide range of uses, but they will only achieve their fullest capacity if they are used wisely. Before committing a terrible mistake, everyone should be aware of how to get the proper amount of assistance.


The problems which can be engaged are for blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies that need mining are twofold. The primary is that mining contributes significantly to our planet’s deterioration. The next concern is because thousands of unidentified and nameless miners constitute a possible safety risk to the system’s functionality. Proof-of-Stake consensus should be more active to control it.

Node Infrastructure

A blockchain node consists of an on-premises or cloud-hosted execution processor and a repository. The efficiency of nodes is expected to be impeded by the lack of specialized network assets. As a result, proper equipment sizing and Input-Output operations per the second allocation are required.

Smart Contracts

The majority of comparative research and estimates are dependent on testing carried out in a regulated and controlled setting for the most basic of operations. The processing delay grows as the intricacy of smart contracts in respect of verification algorithms and the number of requests and updates from or to the register grows, affecting total productivity.


Larger payloads take longer to replicate among nodes because the operation and its payload must be transmitted across the system to every site. As a result, one of the best practices is to keep huge payloads and formulate that off-chain and then address them on the network.


The truth is that this worldwide interconnected industry has an impact on the rest of the international economic system. As crypto money develops, this would become a major factor in global businesses. The situation between TradFi and the Cryptosystem is already severe. In addition, Ethereum just created the DeFi, its crypto-ecosystem. All of these issues must be resolved through legal means that allow both parties to function rationally.

For a better and brighter future with the help of the Blockchain system, it is necessary to acknowledge all the issues which are present in the system while also anticipating the ones which may rise over time. If not solved right now, the popularity will face serious damage and before knowing, the attention will shift from it to some other system.

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