How to Share PowerPoint Presentations During a Live Video Meeting

The race for improving video calling applications has been in full swing for several months now because the situation with Covid-19 is unstable and it could easily happen that companies will turn to send workers to work from home again. Judging by the effort invested in the Microsoft Teams application, it can be rightfully said that preparations have long since begun before the potential lockdown that is likely to await us if there is a further increase in the number of infected.

Microsoft Teams has an excellent interface for sharing PowerPoint presentations, and now comes the ability to translate slides independently. More about that in the following paragraphs…

PowerPoint Live

The trend Microsoft is following in its application is to create a hybrid workstation where different segments of the workflow are integrated within a video call. One of the newer tools that expand the capabilities of Microsoft Teams is PowerPoint Live. With this tool, users have been able to share presentations with each other for some time using a QR code or link within the Microsoft Teams application.

Once one of the users joins the live presentation, they can follow the presentation and go through other slides to make all the information available. During presentations, users have the ability to follow subtitles in their preferred language because PowerPoint Live provides simultaneous translation. This option currently has full support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. This will enable paying closer attention to video meetings of participants who are prone to entertain themselves with some other activity like brainstorming a sideline or hobby (like playing slots online on quality casinos at they would like to take up during a part of the meeting they thinks is boring. It should be noted that for this feature to exploit it is necessary to have Windows 10 and PowerPoint within the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Slide Translate

A novelty that Microsoft has recently introduced and thus further enhanced in PowerPoint Live is an additional feature for improved slide translation functionality. The “Slide translate” feature will allow webinar participants to redesign and independently translate slide content within a private view. This great opportunity will be especially evident when it comes to webinars or meetings where participants are from different countries. “Slide translate” will allow participants to independently monitor the presentation without disturbing the exhibitor or other participants.

Giving PowerPoint presentations in the Microsoft Teams application has really taken on a new, practical, dimension. The exhibitor can see the enlarged current slide on the screen, and below it is the reduced slides that follow. The exhibitor can also see the notes, the participants’ chatbox, and their profiles on the screen at the same time. On the other hand, participants see the exhibitor and his current slide about which information is given, and they are free to manipulate other slides, do their translations, communicate with other participants, and have an overview of the notes.

The possibility of self-translation is another additional advantage that Microsoft Teams wants to impose on the market. Live captions are presently only accessible in English, although Microsoft Translator can translate discussions from English to other languages. The meeting organizer will need to establish a Microsoft Translator chat and provide attendees with a link to it. The participants can then choose their preferred language, and when the presenter speaks, they will receive a translation via this chat. Some languages include audio translation, but some have only text translation at the moment.

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