Want to Bet on Rugby Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

Today we will talk about a popular sport in the South Pacific and northern Europe called rugby. In short, in it, players run with an oval-shaped ball, while the opposing team attempts to take it away in numerous ways, and carry it to a goalpost in the shape of the letter “H”. This sport is considered to be one of the most traumatic, as the average age of athletes at the time of retirement is 27 years. Rugby is one of the toughest sports ever. It is often compared to Australian or American football, but this is wrong.

The main differences are considered to be many rugby tournaments, such as Rugby 15 and Rugby 7. This also includes the importance of coaching tactics and game plans. And in rugby, almost everything depends on the right starting tactics, unlike American football in which the outcome of a match can be decided by the individual actions of one player and his skills.

The rugby team usually has 15 players and another name for this game is Rugby Union. Half time lasts 40 minutes. There are 13 players in the other rugby, and it is a Rugby League. Here one half lasts 40 minutes too but it is not that popular type of rugby. Rugby 7 has significant changes over the previous ones. Seven athletes are present on the pitch and one half lasts 7 minutes. Nowadays, Rugby 7 is becoming more and more popular due to the greater interest and great dynamics of the game itself. Interestingly, since 2016, this type of rugby has been included in the Summer Olympics, which indicates that it is very interesting to watch.

Rugby has also become popular for its game of dedication, with players not showing weaknesses and having a strong desire to win. Based on that, the bookmakers simply had no choice and added this sport to their offers.

Characteristics and Secrets of Online Rugby Betting

Since the main action on the field is the players’ fight for the ball, the individual skill of individual players is not so significant. In the foreground is a team play. Most people who bet on rugby are the British and the Australians. They are closely connected with this sport, so they understand it better.

A beginner in this sport should take the time, but first, he needs to study rugby, watch it, watch at least a dozen rugby-related shows, understand the essence, and get well into statistics.

How to Bet on Rugby

If you want to bet on rugby, you have to find the right bookmaker. Then you should be convinced of the legality of the bookmaker. To be sure of all that, check out online bookies here. After that, start studying this sport as well as observing it.

You will soon understand the essence and possible strategies of the game and learn how to properly bet to reach winnings. All resources will be at your disposal after you finish reading the article. Thanks to it, you will learn all the subtleties of this sport.

Types of Rugby Betting

The main bets are totals, how many points the player will get, how many fouls the team will have, win by a handicap, win on tries, cards, on the winner in one half, first effective action in the match, double chance bets, correct result bets, first 10 points, first scoring, special bets… As you see, in rugby there are bets known to you from other sports as well as new ones, specially created for this sport. Let’s take a closer look at the game itself.

In Rugby 15 and Rugby 7, the team gets 5 points for a successful try. Two points can be earned by scoring a goal from a free kick but after a try. The team will get 3 points if it scores a free-kick from the field. There are many different ways to score points in Rugby 15. In Rugby 7, tactics of tries and immediate scoring are often used. This is due to the small number of players on the field. In Rugby 13, the team gets 4 points for a try. Two more points can be earned by successfully converting an indirect free kick. A precise shot in the goal during the play can give the team only 1 point. Scoring a goal during play is a very effective way to score points when the result is leveled. Next in line is the Rugby Union. In this type of rugby, there is one rather important rule – there is a huge difference between outsider teams and favorites. The weaker team loses to an opponent 90% of the time. If you take a look at the last 10 or so World Cups in rugby, only once did the outsider win.

Basically, nations like South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia usually win. This shows how big the difference in the class of teams is and how hard one team prepares and trains for the matches. There is no such great division between teams in Rugby 7 because finding and training 7 good enough athletes is many times easier than 15. In Rugby 7, small countries are trying to develop. No wonder that the men’s team from Fiji won the 2008 Olympic Games. This shows that in Rugby 7, we can see some of the most striking rivalries. In the basic version of Rugby 7, the team gets 4 points for a successful try. If the team manages to make 4 successful tries, it will receive another extra point. There are also bonuses. If the difference in the result reaches 7 points, the losing team will get 1 point.

If we take into account that there are a large number of different rugby tournaments, then in some of them, draws are often but we don’t recommend betting on such predictions. Thanks to such calculations and numerous types of scoring, the fight between the teams in rugby can frequently last until the last moment.


As for bets on match winners, here, as in any other sport, are 3 possible outcomes of the match, namely: Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, and a draw. But as we get to the end of the tournament, then we come to the elimination games. If there is no winner during the match, there is a possibility of two overtimes. Here you can bet on the outcome of the match with overtime.

For example, you have a conditional duel between approximately equal teams and, at the end of the match, you have a tie on the scoreboard. Bets on the victory of one of the teams will not work. So you have to bet on Team 1 to win with OT or Team 2 to win with OT. The odds for such outcomes are often low because there is no risk that they will not come.


This sport, like any other, has its favorites. Given it is not profitable to bet on strong teams, the concept of handicap was invented in betting. Handicap is the possible difference in the final result between the teams in relation to one of the teams you have chosen. For example, in the match Australia vs Scotland, bookmakers give Australia an upper hand of 10.5 (handicap -10.5). The match ended with a score of 30-19 for Australia, so your bet was successful.

In rugby, there are many factors that can affect the final result. Head-to-head of teams, the composition of these teams, the importance of the match, weather conditions, injuries of team leaders… The weather is what particularly affects the outcome because in bad weather, be it snow, wind, or rain, the effectiveness of a play itself drops. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing bets.


What are rugby totals? It is the total number of all points scored, various tries, free kicks, and everything else that can be calculated in the statistics. Totals can be calculated for two teams overall and separately for each of them, for one half (for the first or second half separately), etc. It is interesting to note that bookmakers don’t always provide possible totals for individual tournaments or matches.

Total bets can be of two kinds, over or under. For example, if you bet on a total over 28 for Team 1, then your bet will win only if that team scores 28 points or more in the match. Just like handicap and any other betting, it all depends a lot on the weather and other equally important factors.

Double Chance

Let’s move on to one of the safest bets, i.e. double chance. For those who don’t know, a double chance bet implies betting on two outcomes of the match at the same time. This way you have more chances to win, but it is not profitable for bookmakers so they artificially reduce the odds.

You can also bet on the victory of one of the teams or a draw at the same time (1X or X2). Note that a draw in rugby is a very rare phenomenon. This bet, although one of the safest, is not very profitable. Also, there is a double chance bet on the win of both teams at the same time – “12”.


These bets mean you have to bet during the match. Live bets still have the same bet variations as others. Before the start of the match, you don’t know how the team will play in this match, even if you study in detail the statistics of that team and various factors of the match in advance. There are a lot of things you cannot predict such as the coach’s decision of who will play and what the plan will be for this game. Let’s say you bet on a clear favorite that it will win with a handicap of, say, -20.5. The coach can change his roster for this match a few minutes before the start of the match and there will no longer be the leader of your team on it, but the team still remains the favorite and is able to win. However, the difference in the result will no longer be the same as if the team has its leader.

When watching a match broadcast, you have the opportunity to adjust your choice and place a more appropriate bet. Also, if the bet you placed before the match didn’t win, then you have the opportunity to place another one during the match and, at least, return the previously placed money. In a sport like Rugby 15, each half lasts 40 minutes and a team has many chances to come back if it trails. If in the beginning a clear favorite trails in the match and you know for sure that it will win, in this case, you can still bet on the favorite. At the moment, that team will have an increased odd and that can be to your advantage. In Rugby 7, it is quite dangerous to do that since the playtime there is much shorter and it is easier for the weaker team to keep the result in its favor until the end. You can also place other bets that are visible in the statistics on the live.

Correct Score

Rugby is not soccer where it is more or less possible to guess the result. In rugby, a lot more points are scored and it is almost impossible to predict the result. Therefore, bookmakers came up with the idea of different predictions.

For example, the victory of Team 1 with 15 points, the victory Team 2 with 4 points, the victory of one of the teams with 11 points, the approximate difference between teams ranging from 12 to 16 points, the approximate total points scored by the two teams combined from 50 to 60 and similar bets.

Special Bets

These bets usually include outcomes and predictions that will not happen in a regular match. But it should be said that bookmakers only give such bets in certain tournaments. For example, the award for the best player in the tournament according to the spectators and coaches, the winner of the tournament, which team will be higher ranked at the end of the season, which player will earn the most points in the season, etc.

Such odds depend on the bookmaker, what it thinks of what will be. We suggest that big money should not be placed on such bets because they require a lot of luck and a well-thought-out choice. Yes, if you are lucky, if you win, you will get a relatively very large winning. The odds for these bets are often very high.

Selection and Analysis of Events

Analysis and selection of each event is key factor in a successful strategy.

What exactly should you pay attention to when choosing your bet? Team composition (this includes player injuries and the presence of team leaders), physical and mental condition of the team or individual players, history of encounters between teams, weather conditions, game importance, game tactics, team substitutions, and similar factors.

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