How to Scale Up Your Company with Confluence Project Management Software

One of the most important considerations for a team when selecting project management software is to account for future growth. They need a solution that is scalable and can accommodate a larger number of users when the company increases its operations. If you are planning on increasing the number of users on your server then you might need to scale up. Similarly, those who are investing in more sophisticated time monitoring and need to optimize the server performance should also choose their tool wisely.

Confluence project management software is one option that allows teams to add thousands of users to their server especially when the company has taken part in a merger, acquisition, or added another office location. It is a standardized tool that facilitates digital organization across the organization, regardless of its current or future size. Users have access to many options especially when it comes to enterprise packages and they can overcome any challenges related to growth.

Where to Begin?

Like other Confluence softwareusers, your journey to project management software must have also started with some instances of using individual servers. As the number continues to grow, you will realize the need for a more robust solution that can support the critical part of the scaling journey. When the day-to-day tasks and big picture items are all handled through a single platform, it is easier to manage targets.

Confluence demo helps users develop plans and roadmaps with the help of its templates so the users always have control over the situation. It can manage all aspects of the organization through its centralized database. There are also administrative tasks that can help users improve their performance with greater support from the software features.

True industry leaders should be able to estimate and plan for growth from the company’s inception. There are some important lessons to learn from the customer journey of other users and this article summarizes some of the tips that need to be followed in order to successfully scale up any operation.

How To Determine a Company Needs New Software

There are certain obvious signs that indicate a company is undergoing or in the process of large-scale growth through organic means. Keeping an eye on these factors can help upper-level management prepare for the next steps.

Business Performance

Mergers or acquisitions often result in new technology or techniques being adopted by the company. When a corporation acquires a company, they are also bringing its systems onboard and these include any project management software. It is critical for growing teams to maintain their performance and exhibit consistency when it comes to the quality of work. In some situations, they might even need to choose a solution like Confluence project management softwarethat supports collaboration at a higher level.

The new setup will result in shared goals and it is important to have a plan to achieve them. This is where a centralized repository or database is important because it can provide access to different needs of an organization. The software can also be used to implement company-wide transformations and the introduction of new workflows. The company can adopt wider scaling practices such as DevOps and Scrum to support any new initiatives they have taken.

Product Features

Many teams use project management software that does not provide enough control or oversight into all the instances. However, once they rely on Confluence software or related products, they will be able to get more work done every day. There are fewer instances of planned or unplanned downtime which could lead to an overall increase in the credibility of the team. Once there is not widespread adoption of any software, the performance is likely to degrade. Hence, any attempts made to optimize the new levels of growth come with adoption measures.

How to Prepare for Business Growth

If you have noticed any of the signs listed above then there are several measures your teams can take to prepare for growth. These are relevant to technology and company-wide processes.

Business Teams and Workflows

  1. Combine all administrative teams to allow complete delivery and support of all systems and software-related processes
  2. Improve the control over integration between different internal and external systems
  3. Create practices specific to the business and infrastructure that allow users to get the most out of Confluence project management software. Their performance or uptime should suffer minimal impact.


  1. Increase server allocation in terms of memory, storage, and processing power.
  2. Regular monitoring and testing of the system to ensure that it is up to the mark.
  3. Set up contingency processes in case of any server breakdowns or system failures.

How to Create Long-Term Plans with Confluence Project Management Software

These recommendations are meant to address any challenges the company faces immediately after scaling up and provide teams with enough time to come up with a long-term plan. The enterprise customers might outgrow their server limits soon enough and even with optimization. If they are planning on expanding their operations to more than 500 users then they should be prepared to answer a series of questions to help them decide which steps to take next.

  • Is the team completely relying on the project tracking software and if so, can it survive on the current user and server capacity?
  • How can the company continue to maintain quality and optimize processes while increasing the number of users on the platform?
  • How will the IT department manage the larger number of users as the organization continues to grow?
  • What is the contingency plan in case of any downtime or system failure?

If you do not have the answer to any one of these questions than it is time to upgrade to Confluence project management software. The platform can offer opportunities that fit the needs and demands of any growing firm. There is a centralized data center to help manage the enterprise accounts and also deploy any on-premises or cloud-based applications. It is also a cloud-based software and is part of the Atlassian catalog which offers other products that are trusted by the organization.

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