Space Management Software: The Smart Way to Handle Shared Workspaces

Managing your space at work makes sense today, as it allows people to work in a climate where they feel less stressed and more productive. You can use a software program for managing spaces at work, on campus, or anywhere you need to manage meetings and work-type activities.

So, what does space management involve?

Space management represents an activity where a planner or scheduler oversees how people can best use space. The users may include employees, students, or visitors. By knowing how people work or take part in activities, you can better utilize a work or meeting area.

Some of the Major Benefits

The implementation of a space management software program can lead to several benefits.

  • An increase in production. Using the software program incentivizes employees to book spaces that create a non-disruptive working environment – a space where they can focus clearly on their job.
  • Less administrative work and fewer errors. By using a software application for arranging the use of space, you also reduce mistakes, such as double-bookings.
  • Streamlined workflows. A software that manages workspaces and similar gathering spots allows for easier workflows. Everything is synchronized – the booking, approval, invoicing, and the management of change requests.
  • Improved space planning. You can strategize the use of your workspace more easily by understanding how it is used. A software space planning program enhances your perspective so you can make better decisions about the space that is used.
  • Increased employee motivation. If an employee can book his workspace in a place where he or she feels comfortable, they will also feel more motivated at work. In turn, employee retention is maintained and workers experience more job satisfaction.
  • Easier collaboration. Scheduling spaces at work enables your team to collaborate more easily for brainstorming sessions or product development.
  • Improved communications between departments. Managing and booking spaces through a software program boosts communications between departments as everyone is linked through one software, thereby improving communications overall.

A Better Organization of Space

Because of the above advantages, it is important to choose a space management software that includes all the latest features to make booking and scheduling a breeze. Use the software program to oversee all of your facility’s spaces. The cloud-based analytics incorporated into the package  provide major  insights on better space organization and planning.

What You Will Learn

Some of the insights you glean from using the software include the following:

  • The number of employees using shared spaces
  • Who uses he spaces
  • The activities involved in managing a space
  • How frequently spaces are used
  • Which spaces are preferred or regularly in demand
  • How space is allocated throughout the building
  • Future projections about the use of space

By using a premium workspace app, you can review the management of your space through a secured and cloud-based program. The software, with its interactive dashboards, makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with colleagues and team members.

Also, the addition of 3D visuals and AutoCAD images gives you an immediate overview of how spaces are used. You can customize the software to support your plans for modifications and expansion. The full package offers booking options that include scheduling for rooms and desk space, parking management, and reservations for meeting rooms and equipment.

Questions to Ask

When choosing a space management platform, you need to ask one key question. “Will this program give me a solution for scheduling space and using it wisely?” You can research the software’s features further by asking and answering the following:

  • Can I scale this program to the needs of my company?
  • Can I share data across my company using the software?
  • Do the features adequately meet my workflow needs?
  • Can I integrate the program with other leading technologies?
  • Are space use and optimization and analysis the main features?
  • Is the program easy to use?
  • Can I configure the software to meet my use case requirements?
  • Is self-service scheduling included?
  • Can I use the program’s tools on a recurring basis?

What Are Your Specific Space Needs?

Think about what you need to answer when choosing a space management application. Whether you need to determine your space needs or increase worker productivity, the software should provide the solutions for the upgrades you’re currently seeking.

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