Following the Money: 7 Business Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Many people put off traveling because of how expensive it can get. Additionally, being unable to hold a stable job because you’re always on the move makes it hard to make money. 

Fortunately, there are ways that you can continue to travel while also making a consistent and steady profit to fund your travels and share your love of traveling with the world. 

Digital nomadism

People who travel a lot are bound to technology and the digital space to interact actively with the world and places they’ve left behind. The virtual world has become the best friend to the constant adventurer who travels the world. Digital nomads thrive off of being able to conduct all their business through electronic devices.

Since these freelancers thrive on using electronics, it only makes sense that they operate a virtual business to help fund their travels and continue expanding their horizons. Virtual companies include remote freelance writing, consulting, and e-commerce.

There are many more virtual business avenues a digital nomad can take.

Travel consultant

Being a travel consultant is the perfect profession for a traveler. Those who excel at taking in the world’s environment become second nature to these individuals to help recommend locations to others while also explaining the customs and traditions of previously visited areas. 


Travel photography is very profitable as people become immersed in photographs of foreign locations they typically wouldn’t be able to see. Capturing the beautiful sights you see on your travels is a fantastic way to make a profit. Helping others discover the world for a profit is another benefit of being a traveling photographer. 


Writing is another great way for travelers to profit from their adventurous nature. Since many people don’t have the means or time to journey the world, being able to write about it and have others live through your words is a profitable and enjoyable way to make money while on your trips. 

Travel agent

With your constant experience in booking flights, tours, and hotels, it may behoove you to lend your knowledge and expertise to those just getting into traveling around the globe. Being a travel agent means booking and planning out trips for people and working with them to create an experience they’ll remember. 

Tour guide

Becoming a tour guide for your favored locations is a fantastic way to generate revenue to fund your travel expenses and share your love of various locales with other globetrotters. 


The languages and subtle nuances of social interactions can be complex and overwhelming for travelers visiting new areas briefly. If you pick up the local language of the places you’ve visited, you may be able to make money off being a translator for other tourists and travelers. 

Influencer and affiliates

Becoming an influencer and using social media to generate interest in your activity may lead to opportunities to become an affiliate. Becoming an affiliate means using your core audience to promote or sell products on behalf of another company and getting a commission fee. 

Wrap up

Thanks to advanced technology and accessible virtual platforms, people can now own a business and travel. No time off necessary. Some virtual companies may even fund your travel expenses. So get out there and explore the world like a boss.

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