Know the places to visit in Maldives

The Maldives is an Indian Ocean chain of coral atolls that offer the ultimate in low-rise, low-impact barefoot luxury. It’s a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and turquoise lagoons, as well as some of the most incredible private-island resorts, complete with underwater restaurants, overwater bungalows, and infinity pools floating over crystal-clear waters. Even those who dislike beach vacations fall in love with the Maldives, and there is a hotel for every type of vacation, from honeymooners to partygoers.


When is the best time to visit the Maldives?


The Maldives Holidays is hot and sunny all year, with typical temperatures ranging from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius. Between November and April, the weather – and the greatest time to visit the Maldives – is at its best. The peak season is from December to March. The monsoon season lasts from May through October, with a peak in June. Rainfall is strongest in the northern atolls from May to November, and in the southern atolls from November to March. It’s worth paying the extra fees and going during the dry season because there’s not much to do on rainy days other than drink, work out, or scuba dive. That, on the other hand, does not sound so horrible.




A 96-villa hotel on Maagau in the Dhaalu atoll is brand new for 2018. It’s castaway living with a spice of dolce vita — villa interiors wink to Milan, the on-the-sand beach restaurant serves seafood tagliatelle, une there’s a glistening Riva for moonlight cruises.



COMO Cocoa Island is set within the coral atoll of South Malé, only a 40-minute speedboat trip from the capital, and offers the perfect combination of indulgent luxury and subtle elegance. Rooms are built above water in the shape of dhonis, traditional native boats, and are connected to the island by a footbridge over a shallow lagoon. The decor is cool and uncluttered, with dark timber planks, mounds of creamy linen, individual decks with sun loungers, and an infinity view of the sea. On COMO Cocoa Island, peace and calm rule supreme: yoga is offered every evening at the Zen-like pavilion, and the highly acclaimed Shambhala Retreat provides a variety of massages and treatments. Because the seas of this atoll are so unpolluted, snorkeling and diving are almost on your doorstep. Executive Chef Nantanit Juljorhor brings an eclectic spectrum of Asian inspirations to bear at the palm-fringed restaurant, which serves top-notch cuisine. A tranquil haven for stressed-out city dwellers.



The ultimate private-island getaway is Dhoni Mighili, a tiny island with only six beach bungalows with plunge pools. Guests are met by a dhoni, a traditional wooden sailing boat outfitted with the newest comforts, and have the option of spending their stay on board or on land, with their own thakuru or personal butler. Take the boat out on a private diving or fishing trip, or simply direct the crew to a quiet island for a relaxing meal.

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