5 Things To Include in Your List of Travel Expenses

On average, Americans spend between $144 and $271 per day on vacation. This includes the cost of accommodation, travel, food, and so on. But do you know what hidden expenses are most common?

Read on for a top 5 list of travel expenses you probably didn’t think to include in your vacation budget.

1. Credit Card Fees

It’s an easy thing to overlook when traveling, but foreign transaction fees are something that you should be informed about.

Before you depart, call your credit card company and ask about foreign transaction fees.

Generally, these fees can equal 3% of each purchase. While that might not sound like a lot, it’s $30 on every $1000 you spend. It’s best to plan for this or avoid it by using cash or traveler’s cheques.

2. Roaming Fees

One of the top hidden expenses when on vacation is your mobile phone’s roaming fees.

Your smartphone will automatically connect to the local international provider in the area. This means that you’ll have to pay for using that provider.

Using data to use the internet, sending texts, or calling home can lead to surprise fees on your next bill.

Before you head to your travel destination, call your cellular provider and ask about travel plans or discounts. If that isn’t an option, perhaps using a pay-as-you-go international card might be your best bet.

3. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers all sorts of hiccups like needing medical attention or missing a connecting flight.

In most cases, travel insurance costs under $100 and can protect you with thousands of dollars in coverage. Therefore, if you are going to a place like Oman, it is required for every foreign individual entering the country to have travel insurance coverage covering at least a month of COVID-19; check the Oman visa requirements for more.

Maybe you won’t need to use it, but it’s worth the peace of mind to have it. So be sure to include this on your list of travel expenses that you plan for.

4. Vaccinations

Headed to an exotic destination? You might need to get caught up on some common travel vaccinations before you fly.

In the US, you’ll have to pay for each vaccine you need. So be sure to speak to your health care professional about the injections you’ll need and their associated cost.

5. Emergency Expenses

You can never plan for every unexpected situation. But it is wise to be somewhat prepared.

Even with travel insurance, there are some situations that may cost you out of pocket. For example, what if your wallet is lost or stolen? Or what if you decide to book different accommodations because you aren’t happy with the original booking?

Sometimes a successful trip means being prepared for the unexpected. Maybe you fall in love with Kissimmee and decide to look into the process for buying a DVC.

Allot for emergency expenses in your travel budget as a way to give yourself some breathing room in case things don’t go according to plan.

Be Prepared With a List of Travel Expenses

There you have it, a list of travel expenses that you might not have thought of. Now that you’ve read these tips you can make your vacation budget realistic and accurate.

All that’s left to do is pack! Before you go, check out our travel articles for ideas on where to travel next.

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