Top Features of the ADT Outdoor Camera

It is the time to improve the security of your surroundings. Security is possible with the help of the ADT outdoor camera. This camera has been designed to create the high quality video. These are the ultimate solution of the day and night monitoring in all kinds of circumstances as well as environment. Some of the features are given below that make it a highly innovative device for the security purpose.

  1. It offers the most efficient network of video recorder that has the capacity to record up to 24IP.
  2. It contains the hard drive content encryption and system/event logs.
  3. The recording rules are completely customized including manual, automatic, event based and time based.
  4. It offers up to 12 channels of 1080p HD and 24 channels of 720p HD video and audio real time recording. It is an exclusive offer for the users.
  5. It provides the automatic access or discovery on the local networks.
  6. It gives maximum 4 SATA 3.5 internal hard drives that has the storage capacity of the 16TB and the configuration of the RAID 0 or RAID 1.


  • The outdoor CCTV cameras offer 24/7 monitoring, response within 90 seconds if alarms require the dispatch of authorities.
  • Efficient monitoring center will be at your service within 2 minutes
  • There will be no false alarm.


How ADT outdoor camera works?

The functionality of security cameras of this series is very hard to compare to other devices due to the unique technology and the innovation that is used in the configuration of the security cameras. Here are the functions of some important tools that are given for the concern of the users. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of commercial security systems. In the event of an emergency, these will alert you to unusual activity.


  1. Camera Iris:

The role of the light is essential for the performance of the camera. It is the important tool that controls the light that is coming in the camera through the sensors. The little light can impact the functions of the camera that increases the efficiency of the camera for the clear video.

  1. Power of the Ethernet:

It is the technology in which system works by using the single network cable for both network and the power connections. It works by using the cloud storage technology. The connection of the network is very important to the security camera due to saving the files on the NVR. The camera can send the video files to the NVR faster than the traditional cameras.

The brand renders the configuration that is unique and different from other brands in the technology. The innovative infrared cameras are introduced for extensive surveillance solution.

How to contact the customer service?

It is simple to contact with the customer service online. Leave a message on the website. You can call the team on the phone because it is free for the ninety days for all the ADT outdoor camera purchases. For the non-subscribers the phone support is offered for the small charges to assist configuring large networks, interfacing products and advanced features. The fees for local telephone will be applicable.


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