Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills: 2022 Buying Guide

For any homeowner, mowing the grass can be a tiring chore. The absurdly long time it takes can get incredibly tedious. That mundane task becomes annoying when adding numerous acres and hills to the mix. Why make garden duties tiresome when the correct tool may convert them into a pleasurable experience?

For this reason, the best zero-turn mower for hills is so popular. They can turn in a short radius, making a clean cut on your grass much easier. Zero-turn lawn mowers are a fantastic alternative to a standard push mower or a mower designed for flat terrain when you have a hilly landscape. The best zero-turn mower for hills is the only method to eliminate those nuisances. We’ve chosen some of the best zero-turn mowers for hills that are capable of climbing and descending steep slopes with ease.

Several lawn mower brands on the market would try to persuade you that their zero-turn mowers are the best, but take note that not all zero-turn lawn mowers are suitable for hilly terrain. Listed below are the best zero-turn mower for hills.

Top 5 Zero-turn Mower for Hills

  1. SLE Equipment Swisher ZT2760B 60-Inch 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower

Swisher built this mower with a lower center of gravity and lower profile than other mowers, allowing for a clean zero-turn cut. It’s a heavy-duty mower with an 8-gallon petrol tank that allows you to go for extended periods between refills.

The mower is equipped with a 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Extended Life Series V-Twin Electric Start Engine so that you can get started right away. The start-up will go smoothly and without a hitch.

Furthermore, it has a 60-inch cutting radius, allowing you to cover more ground as you go. This is one of the best industrial mowers for hills since it features a hydrostatic transmission and two easy-to-control armbars that allow the mower to be controlled up and downhills.

This mower was designed to make mowing a lawn with varying hilly extremes a snap. It boasts a built-in storage compartment to keep your necessary items close at hand, as well as a large amount of foot room on its anti-slip deck.

  1. Ariens Ikon X Mower

The Ariens Ikon X lawn mower is both powerful and cost-effective. The Ariens Ikon X is less expensive than many of its competitors, so you can enjoy a beautiful environment without breaking the bank. It comes equipped with a 23 HP, 726cc V-Twin Kawasaki FR series engine that cuts your lawn in half the time of a typical lawn tractor.

This zero-turn lawn mower has a simple but comfortable design, making the ride almost pleasurable. This mower was designed with a high back seat to accommodate riders of varying heights, as well as a fully cushioned bar armrest for your comfort.

  1. Ryobi RY48ZTR100 Electric Zero Turn Mower

The Ryobi RY48ZTR is the first electric zero-turn mower in the world, and it’s a high-end model with excellent torque. It includes four brushless motors that replace the normal belt and provide the mower with high torque and grip, particularly evident on slopes.

The mower includes a built-in headlight, USB charging station, and mulch guard, all of which are useful extra features. The mower runs smoothly and softly, with most users reporting that it sounds like a noisy fan at best, which is ideal for usage in residential areas. The seat and steering grips are fully adjustable to comfortably and effectively fit users of various sizes. Furthermore, the fact that it is an electric mower minimizes both maintenance and expense, no oil changes or refills required, and no belt adjustments. Also, Ryobi says that a full charge will cost only $0.06 in energy.

It’s also worth noting that, despite the lower maintenance, some people will find cleaning more difficult. The battery life is only good for 3 acres, a significant drawback to this zero-turn mower. However, that is more than enough battery life for many residential homes to mow the lawn on a single charge; but this battery life will be a deterrent for others.

  1. Ferris 2018 F400Z Zero Turn Mower

The superb transmission of this zero-turn mower is well-known. Your engine, powered by a 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine, will run for years without needing to be started. Hilly terrain is supported by the controls, seat, and complete structure. The seat of this mower has armrests, and a high backrest makes it even comfier.

The cutting deck is composed of 10-gauge steel and is extremely robust. You can cut your lawn in 0.25′′ intervals between 1.5′′ and 4.5′′. The cutting deck’s three sharp blades will not leave any grass uncut. The 48-inch cutting deck is large enough to handle medium-sized grass.

In addition, you can surely imagine how much work can be done in the shortest amount of time when the engine power, cutting deck size, and maximum speed of 8 MPH are combined. This mower is capable of climbing and descending hills. You can manage your way around challenging locations with its crisp zero-turn.

  1. Simplicity 2691318 Courier Mower

Simplicity 2691318 Courier Mower is one of the best zero-turn mowers for hills since you get comfort in addition to a powerful machine. The Suspension Comfort System shields you from all of the bumps you’d normally encounter when mowing harder terrain. Because of the 23HP, you will have enough power to get up the hill, and the integrated brake is convenient.

Because it features a sturdy steel frame, your mower will last a long time. Quality ball bearings are used in the caster wheels, allowing for smooth operation and increased durability. You also get a cargo hold on the machine itself, which is a nice additional feature. This can hold up to 50 pounds, allowing you to easily transport utensils, rubbish, or other items, which is especially useful if you’re working on a huge lawn and don’t want to return to the garden shed for tools continually.

Furthermore, you can choose from 13 different cutting heights. You can also choose from a variety of cuts ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches, allowing you to tailor the cut of your lawn to your tastes. This model also comes with a three-year warranty, demonstrating that you’re getting a good deal.

Buying Guide for the Best Zero-Turn Mower for Hills

When looking for the best zero-turn lawn mowers for hills, you’ll want to make sure you get a machine that is dependable, resilient and constructed to last. You’ll also want a mower that can cut through any terrain without losing power or momentum while maintaining a consistent cut. A good zero-turn mower will be quick and powerful enough to handle even the most difficult chores. When it comes to hilly terrain, we understand that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a zero-turn mower. The following are the most important factors:


The first thing you should think about is engine power. Zero-turn mowers aren’t your typical lawn mower.They’re built to get more work done with less effort. A low-powered motor won’t be able to raise your weight and the weight of the mower up slopes. The engine should be more powerful the steeper the slope of the hill. These devices have a high price tag, but they are well worth it. Make certain you’re obtaining all you require.


If you’re going to spend a high-quality mower’s price, you should expect a high-quality mower’s features. Comfortable adjustable chairs, padded foam armrests, and enough space are all things to look for. Get a mower that fits your needs.The more at ease you are on the mower, the smoother the ride will be.

Drive system and control

Make sure you get a model with a long-lasting drive and transmission system. You want effortless driving, so see how easy the levers you’ll use to steer the mower are to operate. The driving system is critical because considerable control is required when moving up a hill. The mower will run diagonally up the hill and possibly tumble over without it. As a result, user-friendliness and control are critical.


Zero-turn mowers are designed and powered to handle a typical commercial job. However, this isn’t to say it can’t be used as a regular lawn mower. If you’re going to buy this mower for your house and yard, be sure you get one that can handle your tasks. These lawn mowers are built to spin quickly and easily, allowing you to get closer to obstructions than other mowers on the market. Look for a mower that can carry a lot of gas and has a hydraulic gearbox that makes it easy to maneuver.


Make sure you’re looking for a zero-turn lawn mower made of high-quality materials that will last for many years. Do some research on each company and ensure they have a solid reputation. A well-designed, robust mower is available from several great firms. Don’t rely solely on a brand’s popularity for information. Many little enterprises have a better reputation than larger corporations. Look for a zero-turn lawn mower with fewer plastic parts and more high-quality metal parts.


That concludes our discussion of the best zero turn mower for hills. Finding the best zero-turn mower for hills can be difficult on top of everything else that comes with lawn mowing. In any case, choosing one that you are convinced to do the job will save you time and trouble. Make sure you thoroughly examine the product you wish to buy before making your final decision. If you read and investigate more about it, you won’t be surprised by any features you didn’t know about.

We hope this article has aided you in searching for the greatest zero-turn mower. Also, keep in mind that more expensive items may have a longer lifespan. You can also check the Top 6 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower forHills for additional references.

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