Xolo Estonia

Xolo Estonia is a digital service designed for digital nomads, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs. The service provides them with a banking service and a legal entity as well. Typically, Estonia Xolo manages most of the details regarding your business.

Xolo enables you to invoice clients from all around the world easily. It offers a few options to choose from depending on your choice.

This article will provide you with details about what Xolo Estonia is, and how you can benefit best from it. Finally, you’ll be informed about the services and the prices Xolo offers for its clients.

How Does Estonia Xolo Help You With Your Business?

Xolo Estonia is a totally location-independent platform you can use online. In addition to this, there’s no restriction when it comes to your nationality. So, it’s available to all remote workers and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Also, Xolo handles the tax and accounting work to spare you time for dealing with other issues about your business.

Xolo Estonia has a partnership with the Estonian e-residency program as well. The e-residency program allows you to set up a European company. You can run your business through this company remotely. In this way, you have access to Estonian e-services with a digital ID card.

Different Options Estonia Xolo Offers

You can find the services Xolo Estonia provides for the users below.

Xolo Go

It’s very easy to track your invoices through Xolo Go. It also enables you to create and send invoices as well. Xolo Go provides you with an IBAN account, and it’s almost totally free.

Another benefit of this option is that it’s possible to get paid whenever you want. Likewise, you can withdraw funds whenever you like. Xolo charges you only 5% of withdrawal fees. Tools for expense management are also available by Xolo Go.

Its dashboard is also available to check online any time you like.

Xolo Leap

Xolo Leap includes all the benefits Xolo Go has. Xolo Leap is a completely remote service available for Estonian e-residents. It takes around 2-3 days to create a  Xolo Leap account if you’re an Estonian e-resident. If not, it may take around one month.

Xolo Leap enables you to create your Estonian business. In addition, you’ll get a legal business address in Estonia via Xolo Leap. You can have access to valid agreement templates as well.

You can benefit from services such as yearly expense reports or VAT filing through Xolo Leap.

Xolo LeapPRO

Xolo LeapPRO is an extension of Xolo Leap, and it provides additional benefits. It enables you to pay the compensation of a maximum of three employees in Estonia.

Xolo LeapPRO also provides you with a limitless transaction right through Stripe and Paypal.


Growth is another premium service that provides you with a full package. Its services include the right to access your accountant as well as reports and accounting. Also, It’s possible to access your own EU company as well as limitless payment transaction gateways.

What Are The Prices?

Xolo Go is a free account only charging 5% on your payouts. Xolo Leap costs €79 monthly. Xolo Leap charges you a monthly fee of €119. Growth costs €199 each month.

There may be extra costs besides the monthly fees as well if you choose Xolo Leap and Xolo LeapPRO. Registering your company is an example of these costs. It usually charges you around €220 to register a company.

So, Xolo Estonia is a useful platform for remote workers, freelancers, or solo entrepreneurs who wish to run their business remotely. It’s also a practical platform to set up your own company.

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