A.I. Grading Test- Is it Legit?

Today, A.I. is taking over the world in all sectors, such as manufacturing industries, corporate sectors, education, healthcare, etc. In fact, most of the standardized tests and even essays, or college papers are graded by A.I. and not teachers. This is because the addition of A.I. promises to save time by 90%.

Present Scenario

Artificial intelligence is already being utilized on a big scale to grade student essays in nations like the United States, saving educational institutions money and time. According to estimates, at least 21 states in the United States have implemented automated scoring systems, ranging from middle school to college.

Students’ essays are judged using A.I. systems created by several suppliers for very critical assessments like the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). Now, educators in the United States claim they would not return to employing human professors to grade essays. But,this has sparked outrage among parents, particularly those in public school systems.

What are the Drawbacks of A.I. in Testing?

The shortcomings of A.I. in testing have been highlighted below.

Students Cannot Learn from Mistakes

When it comes to automatic grading, A.I. isn’t perfect. Recent allegations from kids and parents have raised awareness about how artificial intelligence systems are incorrectly grading essays, causing them distress. According to the parents, automatic grading does little to assist children to learn from their mistakes.

Unauthentic Checking

Furthermore, several parents have stated that the grading A.I. system can be easily deceived with incoherent sentences that make no sense but contain only advanced vocabulary, fooling the algorithm into thinking the essay is well written. In other words, an essay may appear attractive from a distance but lacks content.

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A.I. is Biased?                

Another major conclusion that experts have raised is that the A.I. is biased against students of various races and cultures. The automatic grading system was revealed to have labelled essays authored by foreign students as unsatisfactory based on specific syntax structures and terminology.

This is due to the fact that the data sets employed are insufficiently diverse to accommodate and learn from writing samples of pupils from various language backgrounds.

In the next section, we will analyse whether the A.I. can assess the writing quality, style and creativity.

Can A.I. Appreciate the Writing Style or Creativity and Grade Accordingly?

It is not only about evaluating grammar, syntax, but also other creative aspects of language that are difficult to quantify, especially at scale. Of course, that would require the cooperation of tens of thousands of teachers, so nuanced grading measures may be collected and incorporated into the system as well.

Due to their personal judgments and biases, it’s probable that no two teachers will assess the same piece of essay writing in the same way.

But There Have Been Advancements…

Other countries, such as China, have successfully deployed automated scoring, reporting nearly identical accuracy to human assessors, even in how such algorithms rate writing style. The lack of standards in such software, as well as the large number of data sets required to train A.I. models, are the answers.

A.I. can mimic human language to a high degree of precision thanks to breakthroughs like Open A.I.’s release of GPT-2 for language models, which is trained on over a billion parameters. GPT-2 has wowed creative people such as authors and novelists, who have complimented the method and stated that it works.

But, if that’s the case, why are there so many strange occurrences of grading mistakes in the United States?Well, it all comes down to the quality and volume of data.

Neural Networks to Improve the Quality of Testing?

In the past year, a few experts started working on the data they have accumulated for the past ten years. They constructed a neural network, a mathematical system capable of learning abilities from large amounts of data. A neural network can learn to identify a cat by recognizing patterns in thousands of cat images.

It can learn to detect spoken words by examining hundreds of past phone calls. Alternatively, it can learn to grade coding examinations on its own by studying how teaching assistants do it.

How Have the Stanford Researchers Contributed to the Study?

The Stanford system spent hours examining instances from previous midterms, gaining knowledge from a decade of options. It was then ready to study more. It swiftly grasped the task at hand after being given just a few extra examples from the new exam administered this spring.

According to a study by Stanford researchers, the system provided 16,000 bits of input, and students agreed with the feedback 97.9% of the time. Students, on the other hand, agreed with human professors’96.7 percent of the time.

Are the Students Appreciating the A.I. grading system?

Mr Pham, an engineering student at Sweden’s Lund University, was shocked by how well the technology performed.The automated tool was unable to analyze one of his programs (probably because he had created a sample of code unlike anything the A.I. had ever seen).

However, the software did identify particular faults in his code, including a fence post issue, and offered suggestions for how to correct them.Because the technology’s purpose was so clearly defined, it was effective. Mr Pham built codes with very precise goals in mind for the test, and there were only so many things he and other students could do wrong.

Just like Mr Pham, students all over the world was satisfied with the concept.

The Verdict

Neural networks can learn a variety of tasks given the correct data. This is the same technology that recognizes faces in photos you upload to Facebook. It understands orders you scream into your iPhone, and translates across languages on services like Skype and Google Translate.

The Stanford team and other researchers anticipate that these strategies will be able to automate instruction in a variety of ways. If you are writing an essay on the same topic, you can use the pointers mentioned here. And if you struggle to write it, you should seek essay homework help from professional experts.

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