Why You Should Exclusively Join Licensed Online Casino

The popularity of online casinos has attracted all sorts of attention. There are licensed and reputable ones and other unlicensed ones that are risky. However,you can never be too careful when joining these gambling platforms. The unlicensed ones have devised heft bonuses and payout to lure gamblers. Joining such unlicensed online casinos expose you to risks such as:

Identity theft

To play popular games like judi slot online, you need tosign up for an online casino. While at it, an online casino will request your identity information. If you register in an unlicensed casino, the operator of such a platform either sells your identity in the blackmarket or uses it themselves for criminal activities. Such actions can land you in the hands of authority for a crime you didn’t commit.


Reputable platforms such as gambling sites online have downloadable files that you can use to install the platform on your device. Unfortunately, with skills such as URL phishing, scammers can create a clone platform and direct you to download malware purporting to be the online casino’s software. If you fall for this, the ransomware will take over your device, and the scammers demand payment to get rid of it.

Games rigging

Licensed online casinos have a fairness mechanism in games such as slots. These genuine casinos also have Return to Player Percentage, which gives you back part of the money you spend on the casino. On the contrary, unlicensed casinos don’t have anymentioned earlier. Instead, the operators rig the game, so you lose every time. The casino will entice you to keep playing, but you will lose.Instead of offering bonuses, you will keep losing.It would be best to avoid online casinos with claims of payouts and bonuses that sound too good to be true if you want to be safe.

Deposit theft

Depositing money in an unlicensed casino also exposes you to deposit theft. In this case, the casino entices you to sign up and deposit to play but later freezes your account. Such a platform will make the reactivation process tedious for you to give up. Some will not execute this plan after the first deposit; instead, they will let you play as you gain trust. Once you let your guard down, the casino will present a big bonus for a sizeable deposit, and that’s when you will lose the money.

Withhold winning

All reputable platforms that deal with real money, such as gambling sites online, have terms and conditions which state the requirement of withdrawing your winnings. Rarely will such gambling websites withhold your winnings. Unfortunately, many gamblers don’t read these terms and conditions. The unlicensed online casinos run by scammers take advantage of that. In this scenario, you play and win. But when you proceed to withdraw, you find it’s impossible until you hit a specific unrealistic limit.

Playing games like judi slot onlineis popular, butscammers make it risky. It would be best to proceed with caution to avoid any scams you have read when signing up. For starters, you should check the license, reviews, and online casinos rating before proceeding.

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