Why Opting for a Cyber Security Program can give Wings to Your Career?

Cybersecurity is a growing and lucrative field that focuses on protecting organizations against digital attacks and keeping their information, networks, and data safe. Cybersecurity specialists can detect weaknesses and recommend hardware and software that can reduce risks. They also develop procedures and policies to maintain security.

With more businesses moving their operations online and cyberattacks on the rise, cybersecurity professionals are expected to be in high demand, especially for financial and healthcare organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), for example, projects that information security analysts will see a 32% increase in employment between the decade of 2018-2028.

There are many career options in cybersecurity. Chief security officer, information security analyst, security architect, or security engineer are some of the possible jobs. Computer systems design and related services, management of companies, multinational enterprises, and credit intermediation firms are the most common industries that employ cybersecurity professionals.

This article reflects on why cyber security professionals are in huge demand, and pursuing a cybersecurity program is a great idea.

Why are Cybersecurity Professionals in Great Demand?

Companies across all industries are affected by cyberattacks, including insurance, hospitality, and healthcare. Hackers use security vulnerabilities to steal private information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, company secrets, and medical data. These hackers may sell the information to the highest bidder or ransom back to the owner companies.

For instance, hackers breached the Marriott central reservation database in November 2018 and stole personal data, including names, credit cards numbers, addresses, and passport numbers. The breach affected 383 million people and ranks among the five most significant data breaches. CNET reports that Marriott’s offer of payment for stolen passports could cost the firm $577 million, as well as loss in consumer confidence and a negative reputation.

A Forbes 2016 report found that healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services are the most vulnerable industries to cyberattacks. Forbes also highlighted the increasing threat to the energy sector.

Due to the rise in cyber attacks, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing. As a result, cybersecurity professionals are required more than ever before to mitigate these data breaches and secure sensitive online data.

What are the Best Locations for Cybersecurity Jobs?

A professional’s choice of state or city can impact their salary and future career prospects in cybersecurity. Densely populated cities, for example, have higher living costs but higher salaries than those in more rural areas.

There are certain industries that pay high wages and have top employees. It can also impact the outlook for cybersecurity jobs. More skilled cybersecurity specialists may be needed in cities with significant IT, finance, and healthcare sectors.

Cybersecurity analysts in IT firms make an average annual salary of $99,730. It makes it more lucrative than other careers in this field. Information security analysts’ job duties are similar to those in other cybersecurity roles, such as installing and using software, researching IT security trends, detecting breaches, and recommending security improvements.’ Exploring the cyber security career path would be also easier using the job boards like Jooble

What are the Key Industries that offer Cybersecurity Jobs?

Cybersecurity graduates can work in almost any industry, as organizations increasingly depend on computers, networks, and systems to run their daily operations. Some industries have a higher number of cybersecurity professionals and pay better than others. Different industries may have different job requirements, job titles, and salaries. Before accepting a job, cybersecurity graduates should investigate the typical career and salary expectations for various industries.

Computer systems design and related services are the most popular industry that employs information security analysts. However, information security analysts can also be employed in other sectors such as credit intermediation companies, insurance carrier firms, management companies, and technical and scientific consulting services.

Nonresidential building construction, legal service, semiconductor, and electronics manufacturing companies and automobile repair and maintenance are the top-paying industries. Finance is another top-paying field for cybersecurity professionals.

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