Why Car Maintenance Is Just As Important As Car Repairs?

As common as the question seems, there are still a number of people who just don’t seem to care about car maintenance. They seem to consider bringing their cars to a car mechanic once it already needs car repairs. For their benefit, car maintenance is the sole reason to prevent premature car repairs. Or worst, fatal accidents.

Car Maintenance vs Repairs

Car Maintenance

Having car maintenance is simply having your car checked regularly in order to prevent future repairs and keep your car in tip-top shape. This is done in order for users to be safe while on the roads. Always see to it that a certified car mechanic checks the car to make sure everything is checked properly. To find out more about radiator servicing visit Natrad

Car Repairs

Car repair is fixing something that has been broken. And though the name might suggest something of more importance, some repairs can be avoidable if you’ll have regular car maintenance. If worse comes to worst, make sure to take your car to a credible car repair shop for proper fixes.

Car Maintenance Coverage

There are actually a lot that car maintenance can cover. Some of the most important things are listed below:

Oil Change & Filter


Brakes & Brake Fluid


Engine and Timing Belts

Spark Plugs

Air Conditioning

For a complete list of what you can get on complete car maintenance, contact an auto repair near me.

Benefits of Car Maintenance

Bigger Savings

Having regular car maintenance saves you from future spendings. Neglecting car maintenance might get you in a lot of trouble. Getting into an accident because of unchecked tires may get you spending for repairs a whole lot more than having your car regularly checked.

Increased Safety

Having your car checked would be a lot safer for everyone on board. Car maintenance prevents car parts from breaking down. You wouldn’t want that to happen while you’re out riding your car, right?

More Fuel-Efficient

Properly maintained and cleaner cars tend to be more fuel-efficient than those that are not. Whenever car parts are operating smoothly, fuel efficiency always follows. Replaced fuel filters and maintained air conditioning units are some good examples.

Keeps Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

Owning a car for a long time would really tell you that your car has lessened its performance. While this may be unavoidable, regular car maintenance would certainly delay this. But if you feel something is really off, make sure you search for a car repair near me as soon as possible to have it checked out.

Retains High Car Value

If ever you’ll be deciding to sell your car in the future, make sure to have regular car maintenance. One thing secondhand car buyers would look out for is how the previous owner took care of the car. Make sure you even keep the receipts and documents proving that your car has been treated well. Tip: Especially if it’s from a credible auto repair shop.

Saves You Time

It certainly saves you time, in the future that is. Car maintenance usually takes about 2-3 hours of your time. Imagine neglecting it only to find yourself involved in an accident that could’ve been prevented by that maintenance. Police records, insurance claims, car repairs, you do the math. Not to mention, going back to the first, the budget you’ll be shelling out for all these.

When to Have Car Maintenance

For brand new cars, it always comes with an owner’s manual wherein a preventive maintenance schedule is indicated. Simply follow the schedule indicated and you’ll be on your way. However, for secondhand car owners, there are car repair shops like A Auto Care that can help them and give them advice on when to have car maintenance.

Can I Do It Myself?

Though it’s pretty much tempting to have it yourself to save budget, we strongly advise against this. While there are a lot of DIY tips out there, you can never be sure enough than having it checked by a credited car mechanic. Each car is different in its own way and any error you make would cost you a lot.

Also, if ever you’re selling it in the future, you won’t get any maintenance record since having done so yourself.

When to Call for Help

If any car repair is needed, you can contact an auto repair California to help you out. Always make sure to seek help from a certified car mechanic. You can never go wrong with that decision rather than having to do it on your own. There are reasons why they were called such and it’s for the benefit of every car owner.

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