Why are Patent Plaques So Important to Inventors?

Because the twenty-first century marks a time of innovation, the accomplishments of inventors, who contribute to the continued successes in new medicines, software apps, and other transformative products, also deserves recognition.

If you own a company where you feature newly patented products, you, no doubt, want to keep the momentum going. That is why it is important to reward inventors for their contributions.

By rewarding your employees for their discoveries, you’re letting them know that what they do really does matter. Not only do patent plaques give recipients a feeling of pride, this type of recognition gives them more reason to strive.

You can liken a patent plaque to a letter of recognition given to an employee. However, this type of recognition, in many ways, is much more valuable. Typically, companies order two patent plaques – one to display in a reception area and one to give to the employee.

Patent Plaque Designs

The plaque usually features the employee’s name, your business’s name and the title of the patent and patent number. The invention’s description and issue date are also displayed. An acknowledgement letter accompanies the plaque as well.

Needless to say, this type award serves to motivate as well as inspire. See more about patent plaques by reviewing the various layouts, materials, and sizes of the awards online. Doing so will give you a better idea about how to give and showcase these awards in your company.

Types of Metal

You will find that the plaques normally are made with aluminum with a black text. You can select from aluminum that is silver, white, or gold with upgrades featured such as gold or silver on black,  a marbled metal in blue, or metals such bronze, copper, or stainless steel.

Types of Board Designs

The metal engraving is featured on a rectangular and coated board of cherry, marble, black, or oak. You can also choose solid wood boards, such as walnut, rosewood, or cherry, or make a board selection of glass. Acrylic boards  in white, clear, blue, red, orange, or green are featured as well.

Types of Display

Choose an easel display or keyhole slot on the back for desktop or shelf display or for wall mounting purposes.

Match Your Plaque to Your Logo or Brand

As you can see, you can have boards designed that match with your company’s colors or its theme or culture. For example, if your logo colors are blue and white, you might want to award patent plaques in white aluminum and blue.

Develop a Patent Recognition Program

Using this type of recognition can lead you to develop a patent award program, one where employees are regularly recognized for their developmental efforts and patent designs.Consistent use of these visuals will add to your company’s team spirit and motivate employees to continue their pursuits. When you remind inventors and others about these types of achievements, it can lead to great successes for your company, employees, and clients.

Work Toward a Common Goal

The awarding of plaques also allows everyone to work toward a common goal – one that is marked by continued successes and accomplishments. By using plaques in your enterprise, you can create milestones, increase production, and enhance your brand at the same time.

Make a Big Difference in How Your Employees Work

Implementing a patent recognition program can make a big difference in how your employees work and feel about their jobs. The rewards are as important to the inventors as they are to the companies that regularly use them to highlight these types of goals.

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