What Value Does BigTime Software Offer? Read Here Everything Must-Know

Nowadays, getting your hands on effective time tracking and expenditure management software is a challenge. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble deciding on a reliable piece of Software. Let’s make it a simple choice for highly effective project management, tracking, billing, and other outcomes. BigTime software, we believe, can become a loyal choice for your business.

The Software is used in a variety of sectors all over the world. For a good reason, BigTime software is popular among professionals, from top auditors to architects. It has outstanding features and provides a constantly smooth experience.

What is BigTime Software?

BigTime software a cloud-based time and invoicing platform for professional’s service businesses like accounting, engineering, consultancy services, legal, and information technology. BigTime project management software provides cost and time task & workflow management, invoice monitoring, WIP strategic planning, billing, etc.

Brian Sanders founded BigTime software in 2002, and hundreds of customers have since used it. Since that day, the company has grown in strength due to its consumers’ faith.

BigTime time monitoring captures all time invested on tasks or outside office activities and provides you with a smartphone timesheet app. Employees can use the internet site or their mobile platforms to upload scanned invoices and report charges. When the system is ready, it generates a digital token and presents it to the administrator for approval.

To summarize, Bigtime Software aims to provide a framework for professional service businesses who demand real-time information to ensure the long-term success of their projects.

BigTime Features:

Result-Oriented Project Management:

Bigtime Software enables you to act proactively by providing real-time analytics and information about your active and upcoming initiatives.

Its novel features also provide comprehensive abilities, letting managers keep up with developments status, assigning activities and tasks, etc. BigTime software also includes pre-built and personalized reports and dashboards.

It has a lot of functionalities, including the ability to define task priority, due dates, to-do lists, team updates, and recurring tasks. These are tough to have all in one location, yet Bigtime Software stands apart.

Road Mapping:

BigTime software allows users to create a project roadmap similar to visual mapping. Another fantastic feature of BigTime software is generating a visual map of a task that your staff will be working on. It also provides a deadline, and anyone on your team knows what the assignment entails.

The Software greatly simplifies your planning by using visual assistance such as a project map. The tool makes the whole process of designing and defining the project plan easier. Imagine how useful it would be if all of it for a project had been planned ahead of time and all collaborators had accessibility to the procedure. It is one of the distinguishing features of Bigtime Software.

Budgeting and Finance:

BigTime assists your organization with expense reporting solutions so that you can be reimbursed faster by simplifying to determine what needs to be invoiced. With automated expense calculations, variable charge rates, and receipt management capabilities, the installed billing and invoicing tool help your organization manage its accounting operations. The Software can help you ensure that each transaction is accurate, timely, and well-documented.

Furthermore, BigTime’sBigTime’s invoicing engine supports hundreds of different sector billing scenarios and comprehensive customization options to fulfill even the most stringent customer needs. It enables users to use billing integrations such as QuickBooks and others to avoid double data entry. Choosing your preferred payment method improves the automation process of your accounting system.


Bigtime Software offers easy-to-use and customized to your needs, testified by Bigtime software reviews. Bigtime features a feature that allows users to pick from a range of multi-project management templates. This option allows you to choose a template that you assume will perfectly fit your needs.

As a result, you can use BigTime software to customize these templates further to meet your exact needs. In general, this feature allows you to customize the Software. It also alleviates project planning tension because everything you should be doing now is filling in the spaces in the template.

BigTime Pricing:

Customers can choose from three paid editions depending on the size and needs of their business. On an annual payment basis, the Express plan will cost $10 per user each month with a minimum of five users. A detailed dashboard, frequent timesheet reports, infinite timeframes, a customizable report generator, unlimited clients and invoicing, chat and email support, and system auto-update are all included in the features.

A minimum of 5 users is required for the Bigtime Pricing Pro plan, which charges $30 per month for each user and is paid annually. It includes all of the features of the Express plan, including budgeting, expense tracking, Gantt charts, and an unlimited number of user-defined invoice types.

The Bigtime Price Premier plan, which costs $40 per person/month billed annually with a minimum of 10 users, includes all capabilities, including allocation of resources, revenue projections, and variable cost rate.

Bigtime software demo also offers a 14-day free trial. We humbly urge you to take benefit of this Bigtime demo. It would be a valuable experience for you to gain first-hand experience prior to any purchase.

BigTime Reviews:

Bigtime the project management Software receives approximately 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from customers of all sizes of businesses, including local, medium, and enterprise. BigTime software reviews contribute to the company’s overall market reputation. We looked at BigTime’sBigTime’s data from a variety of surveys to see if the information provided by customers was accurate.

As evidenced by its success rate, customer satisfaction ratings, and winning software, BigTime software is among the best of its competitors.

Final Words:

However, it is up to you to determine whether or not BigTime Software is right for you. However, we strongly advise you to write down all of your criteria and determine which Bigtime plan best meets your needs. Bigtime offers a 14-day free trial, so give it a go before you buy.

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