What Should Be Your UPSC Mains Strategy for 2022

UPSC CSE Prelims, Mains and Interview results have been declared recently. Therefore, there are some important things to consider if you haven’t got the success in this UPSC turn. You need to have a good UPSC mains strategy to clear the exam. And to get into the UPSC mains, you have to clear the UPSC Prelims first. UPSC mains are too crucial to score extremely good scores and help in deciding your final scores as well. 

So, you need to have a good UPSC mains strategy before appearing for exams. And yes students, do not ignore the importance of the UPSC Mains Syllabus. After all, it is the final backbone of your exam preparation. In the UPSC mains, there are several modules and papers involved, including the optional. UPSC mains will decide your probability of becoming the IAS officer also. Don’t you want to know what your ideal strategy is to clear this exam? We have brought this guide for you! Keep reading and understand what things are required to prepare for UPSC mains full-proof.

Key Strategies to Clear the UPSC Mains Exam with No Issues

1. Consistent Preparation

Never say ‘yes’ to procrastination. It is the matter of your life and career to do consistent preparation. After you applied for the UPSC exam, you have enough time and resources to chalk out your plan and strategies to clear this exam. Do not wait for a long time and study regularly. We are not telling you to complete the entire syllabus overnight. Pay attention to your every UPSC subjects, focused on micro topics that are involved in every paper and research for more information on the internet. You should make this habit regularly and keep your preparation for the long run. It will definitely help you in clearing the UPSC mains. 

2. Time Allocated Smartly

It is important for you to have the strategy first and then figure out which module will require more time. Allocate your money to subjects that are more challenging. For instance, some of you have the problem in the aptitude and essay section. For that purpose, you should have all ideas and topics in your mind and start your essay writing. 

If you study with no delays and procrastination, it will take you hardly 5 to 6 month to prepare well. Also, you will be exam ready within a few months. So, don’t delay and start your learning journey from today onwards.

3. Choose optional subjects smartly

As a candidate you have the freedom to choose different optional subjects. However, you should always make a smart choice and ensure you are comfortable with those two optional subjects. Don’t be into those speculations or false assumptions like optional is too easy to score. It can also be a game changer in your final result. Thus, always keep your focus on your optional subjects and ensure you have enough expertise to score well in that part. Don’t ignore minor things.

4. Perfect your study plan

Have a proper schedule and study properly every day. If you ask UPSC toppers, they will always recommend you to have the proper study plan and the daily routine to clear the examination syllabus. A good timetable is the golden key for your success in clear UPSC mains exams. Once you have applied for the exam, start with your examination preparation and all time allocation.

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