What Prizes Are at Stake at the World Esports Academia Competition This Year?

Those who enjoy betting on esports at a sportsbook and  casino online will be happy to know that the IESF has announced the details for the 2022 competition for eSports.

The second edition of the World Esports Academia Competition is underway. It is a competition that aims to promote academic research about eSports, particularly, the World Esports Family. This research will be the catalyst in supporting and helping the eSports industry grow.

For the 2022 competition, the winner will receive a grand prize of 4,000,000 Korean Won (KRW), or roughly equivalent to $31,000 USD. The prize also comes with a certificate from the president of IESF and an opportunity to present the research at the WE Academia Seminar.

The seminar will happen in Busan later in 2022, and the winning paper will be shared in the World Esports Archive. This presentation should open doors to the researchers—they can change how the industry works. There will also be second and third place winners, who will receive 2 million and 1 million KRW, respectively.

The President of IESF, Vlad Marinescu, said that they are excited to bring back this competition. They had a successful run in the previous year, and they want to encourage all members of the Word Esports Family to participate. He further said that academic research is valuable to support the gaming industry worldwide. The group is looking forward to the submissions of the participants. They are also eager to hear from the winners in the upcoming seminar.

This year, the subject of the research is Health Wellness & Well Being in Esports. The theme aims to better support players in the eSports industry.

Those who want to participate can do so between August 1st to August 14th. That is the window for submission for global contestants. Those who need more information will find it in the Information Desk of the content. From here, judges will collaborate and decide who the rightful winner should be.

This year, the competition is made possible by the Busan Metropolitan City. The North American Scholastic Esports Federation also supports the event.

Last year, the winners were from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. They presented their winning paper, and they focused on the collaboration between eSport teams and the companies that create content. They made the presentation during the WE Academia Seminar. The same process will apply this year.

What is the IESF?

eSports is the fastest growing industry in sports in the world today. There are millions of players, and there are billions of fans. What IESF does is promote eSports and help remove barriers.

Here are some of the things that they do:

  • Growing The Family: IESF provides continuous support for their members. The support includes establishing guidelines for eSports associations worldwide. IESF is an organization that hosts eSports games. One must think of it like the UFC. The UFC is an organization that hosts fights, but then it is not the only organization that does it. In the UFC, players sign a contract. They cannot fight in other tournament organizations. The IESF is like this. It is a big organization of eSports.
  • Global Standardization: One of the goals of the organization is to standardize the industry. They create regulations and disciplines. As such, players can expect a competitive and fair game. For example, there are rules in the competition that happens under the umbrella of IESF. Along with these rules are standards on team selection, membership and even the use of computers.
  • Training and Education: The organization also focuses its efforts on the training and education of its members, especially those that have direct participation in the games. For example, they train their referees, managers and other eSports professionals so they can do their jobs well. The organization has what it calls the International Esport Academy, and it is where the people train.
  • World Championship : IESF also holds many flagship competitions. They host what they call the Esports WE Championships. These are legitimate championships that allow players to win big cash prizes and earn glory for their teams. The ultimate intent of IESF is to have a single or unified eSports world that they can govern. They will create the standards and then make sure they establish a fair competition among their members. IESF has partnerships with several organizations. For one, they work with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea. It also has connections with the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency. They also work with the Maccabi World Union.

The IESF is giving away a little less than $50,000 in prizes for the latest World Esports Academia Competition. This competition is not about fighting in computer games but rather presenting paperwork that has academic value. The competition is worldwide. Those that win will receive a cash prize and some other prizes. They will also have an opportunity to present their study to a wide audience.

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