What Essential Aspects You Need to Consider When Buying Domain Names

The ever-increasing use of the Internet by people helps them research a particular company, brand, service, or product before shopping. It asks for a business to devise digital marketing methods to promote its products or services. A small business today can reach its target audience through websites, online advertisements, and social media.

A website plays a significant role in promoting a brand or business. A well-crafted website requires a domain acting as an address to reach it. You can buy domains suitable for your website from a reliable domain name service provider online.

Why do you need a domain name for your website? 

A functional website with distinctive features can attract visitors, engage them, and help them communicate and buy a service or product. However, a website needs an attractive domain name relevant to the activity it is carrying out. Such a unique name will help your business establish its brand and identity and attract prospective customers. Further, to make your website visible to the public, you need to register your website, which requires a unique domain name.

For example, if you want to promote your business or run an eCommerce business, a website with an attractive and unique domain name is necessary to guide your customers to your website. With it, the visitors will learn everything about your products or services. If your business is in New Zealand, it is better to have a domain name with a country-specific top-level domain like,, .nz, and .kiwi. It will help you target customers from New Zealand easily.

To have the right website name, you need to conduct a domain name search online. A domain name search tool will check the availability of the domain you have chosen. The service provider will help you with the domain name registration based on the subscription plan you have opted for.

Why is it a better option to buy a domain name?

Though you can design or create a domain name for your website, it is better to buy a domain name for the following reasons. Some companies offer free domain names with hosting plans, which will help you save money and avoid the risk of duplicate domain names. You will get some freebies such as:

  • Domain auto-renewal
  • Single page website
  • Email forwarding feature
  • Free domain parking facility for your website

In addition, with millions of websites online, it is not easy to get a suitable domain name and extension. Hence, you have to approach a dependable registrar or service provider to buy a domain name.

However, check the trustworthiness of the registrar or domain name service provider before you decide to buy domains. If you have a website with a New Zealand country-code-based extension, check with New Zealand Domain Name Commission (DNC) to get the list of authorized domain name service providers and registrars. Also, you need to consider a few points to find a unique domain name.

  • Choose a short, impressive, and easy-to-remember domain name
  • Find a suitable domain extension
  • Choose a name that signifies your business
  • Avoid hyphens and special characters
  • Do not choose other brand names as your domain name
  • Use the search domain name tool to find the right name
  • Check the availability before and after the domain registration

When you select a website name, choose commonly used extensions like ‘.com’ or go for country-based ones. You can use a keyword-based domain name related to your industry, brand, or product. A suitable domain name should have 5-10 characters to make it easy to remember and type.

To buy domains, you can search for a web-hosting service provider that provides freebies to help you save money and time.

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