What Are the Different Types of Gold That Exists Today?

Around 244,000 metric tons of gold exist, with some in underground reserves and the rest historically produced. While this sounds like a lot, it is sought after for many reasons, from industrial use to jewelry production. But do you know what types of gold are available?

When mixed with other metals, pure gold can create a host of other variations. Read on as we give the most common types of gold.

Pure Gold

Pure gold is often known as 24 karat gold. It has a deep golden coloration and is soft. As it is pure it has the most value for those looking to build an investment portfolio.

The downside to gold is its soft nature. This does not make it ideal for commercial purposes and so it is often mixed with other precious metals. It is then shaped into bars or pressed into sheets of gold leaf.

Most investors will buy it in these physical forms. This combo provides a monthly crate which provides you with gold and silver for investments each month.

Yellow Gold Alloy

Gold alloys form when the metal combines with others to improve its qualities. Yellow gold has silver and zinc added to it. When combined it is a much stronger substance than gold alone.

Due to its strength yellow gold is sought after for jewelry and decorative purposes. While it is shiny, it does not have the deep luster of pure gold. The highest grade of yellow gold available is 14 karat.

Colored Gold

Colored gold forms in a similar way to yellow gold. The alloy uses metals other than silver and zinc and these influence the final color. Like other golds, they are ranked using karats.

One of the most common forms is white gold. This has an appearance similar to silver or platinum. Rose gold is another favorite for decorative purposes and uses copper in the alloy to make a rose tint.

Black Gold

Black gold was once a term affixed to crude oil. Yet in recent years it has grown to popularity as a substance in its own right. As it is impossible to make from alloys, it is a type of gold that has a black coating added to it.

There are several ways to create this coating. However, black gold with laser treatment is the only way to get a finish that won’t rub off over time.

Rolled Gold

Rolled gold is another material you may see when buying jewelry. It is created using a process of mechanical bonding. Visually, it is almost identical to solid gold.

This means it is often used for costume jewelry. As it only requires a 2.5% gold content, costs are kept down when using it as a material.

Investing in Types of Gold

Now you know the type of gold, you can research into investing. You can do this in many ways, from the physical purchasing of gold to stocks and shares.

Make sure you do your research and understand all investment carries a risk.

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From metals to bonds, we can help you invest your money in the coming year.

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