Weapon Wonders: The Ultimate Tower of Fantasy Guide about Combat System

Salutations, fellow Aidan nomads! You’re not alone if the colorful world of Tower of Fantasy has captured your attention. This game’s dynamic fighting system, exquisitely rendered locations, and captivating multiplayer features have captivated the attention of players worldwide. Today, we’re going deep into the weapons, which are at the core of what makes Tower of Fantasy battle so thrilling! And if you can’t wait to get started, you might want to think about top up Tower of Fantasy here

The Basics: Understanding the Combat Mechanics

Weapons and Their Abilities

Your character’s abilities in Tower of Fantasy are determined by the weapons they use, not by who they are as a person. In other words, you can combine different elements to create the ideal battle style for you. Every weapon has four attack types: sprint, charged, and normal. It also has a special talent that has a cooldown.

Here’s a little explanation of how it operates:

Normal Attacks: These are your standard strikes, but don’t undervalue them because they’re crucial to charging up.

Charged Attacks: These strike with greater force but take longer to charge.

Sprint Attacks: These are excellent for getting closer to your opponents.

Specialized Skills: Every weapon possesses a special skill that, when applied tactically, can change the course of a fight.

Swapping Out Weapons and Launching Attacks

The combat system in Tower of Fantasy is notable for its ability to quickly switch between weapons. The weapons charge up as you use one, enabling you to swap for a tremendous discharge assault. Rosy Edge, Meryl’s ice greatsword, for instance, slams into the earth to form an ice wall that causes a great deal of damage in its area of effect.

Pro Tip: Mastering the timing of these switches, especially during the slow-motion ‘Phantasia’ triggered by dodging at the right moment, can maximize your damage output and keep you stylishly ahead in battles.

Building the Ultimate Loadout

Weapon Types and Roles

Tower of Fantasy offers a variety of weapon types, each catering to different playstyles. Here are some popular choices:

Dual Pistols (Samir’s Dual RM Stars): Great for quick, frenzied attacks.

Greatsword (Rosy Edge): Ideal for those who prefer heavy-hitting, slower attacks.

Staff (Healing): A must-have for any team-focused player, providing much-needed support and healing.

Weapon Resonance

The game also features a weapon resonance system, which provides bonuses based on the types of weapons you equip. For instance:

Attack Resonance: Equipping two or more DPS-type weapons increases your damage output.

Support Resonance: Equipping two or more support-type weapons enhances your healing abilities.

Experimenting with different combinations to find what suits your style best is part of the fun!

Advanced Combat Tips

Phantasia and Shield Breaking

Perfectly timing your dodges to activate Phantasia, a bullet-time effect, can give you a critical edge in combat. Additionally, managing your team’s ability to build charge and break enemy shields is crucial, especially in boss battles.

Character and Weapon Upgrades

Focus on upgrading your key weapons and characters. While SR characters and weapons can be effective early on, SSR Tower of Fantasy characters and weapons will eventually become necessary for high-level content. Consider resources wisely to avoid wasting materials on units you’ll eventually outgrow.

The Gacha System: Love It or Hate It

Obtaining Weapons and Characters

Like many gacha games, Tower of Fantasy relies on a random pull system for acquiring new weapons and characters. The game offers various banners and a pity system to ensure that you eventually receive high-rarity items after a set number of pulls.

Pro Tip: If RNG isn’t on your side, or if you simply want to jump ahead, you might want to look into options to buy Tower of Fantasy account. This can give you access to high-level characters and weapons without the grind.

Managing In-Game Currencies

The game features multiple currencies, including Gold and Red Nucleus for gacha pulls, Dark Crystals, and Tanium for purchases. Keeping track of these and knowing when to use them can significantly enhance your gaming experience.


Combat in Tower of Fantasy is vibrant and dynamic, rewarding quick thinking and flexibility. There is a weapon (or three) for everyone, whether you prefer fast-firing twin pistols or powerful greatswords. And don’t forget if you buy Tower of Fantasy account, it can be a terrific way to get started right away if you’re wanting to get a jump start.

So gear up, practice those weapon switches, and may your adventures in Aida be as thrilling as they are beautiful!

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