Urine CS Test: What You Need To Know

Your urine may contain bacteria that indicate a urinary tract infection (UTI). The urine cs test helps to detect the bacteria in the urine. This test is performed to check the germs which cause the urinary tract infection. Through the urethra, bacteria can enter and cause urinary tract infection (UTI). These bacteria enter the system and grow that later results in infection. 

A urine culture test can help to identify the bacteria, which are microorganisms that cause UTIs. The infection in the urinary tract develops in women more commonly as compared to men. It occurs due to the small size of a woman’s urethra and it is also closer to the anus. 

When a person develops a UTI, the following symptoms and signs may appear: 

  • Pain while urination 
  • Difficulty in the urine stream 
  • Pain and discomfort in the lower back and abdominal area 
  • Fever 
  • Feeling the urge to urinate more often 

How the Urine CS Test Is Performed?

There are different ways to collect urine. The most common way to get the urine sample is the clean-catch method. Your healthcare professional will give you a cup to get the urine sample. You need to wash your hands and use a cleanser to wash the genitalia. 

You need to collect the urine in the sterile cup that your doctor has given you as you start urinating. The next step is to give the urine sample to your healthcare provider for lab analysis. 

Urinary Collection Bag 

A urinary collection bag is also a method to collect urine. It is the method that is commonly used for infants and children. A healthcare provider attaches the plastic bag with adhesive to the boy or girl’s urinating organ. The bag catches the urine and sends it to the lab for more analysis. 


A catheter is used in some cases to collect urine samples. Healthcare providers insert a thin rubber tube through the urethra and into the bladder. Having a urinary catheter in place helps to collect the sample by clamping the drainage end of the catheter before it goes to the drainage bag. Urine passes into the clamped tube, the healthcare provider will use a syringe to get the urine sample. 

Suprapubic aspiration 

It is rare to remove the urine sample from the bladder using a needle. This method is known as suprapubic aspiration. A healthcare provider may attempt this suprapubic aspiration when other methods are unable to collect the urine sample

Is It Important To Have a Urine Culture Test During Pregnancy?

A urine culture test is performed at several points as a precautionary measure. Developing a UTI during pregnancy is possible but a urine culture test can help to diagnose the bacteria and also get the right treatment. 

Are There Any Risks Of Urinary CS Tests?

There is no pain while collecting the urine sample until you feel pain while urinating. The painful sensation may be due to the existing UTI. A method involving a catheter can put some pressure and discomfort. It happens due to a thin tube being inserted through the urethra. 

Such tubes are lubricated to avoid pain and make it easy to perform the procedure. The Healthcare provider will discuss all the possible ways to reduce the pain during the procedure. 

How to Prepare For the Test?

You need to share if you are taking any medication or over-the-counter medicines, supplements, or vitamins. Intake of any such medication can lead to changes in lab test results. Washing your hands is the first step that will follow washing genitalia before the collection of a urine sample. If you are expecting to give a urine sample during the appointment, you should avoid urinating during the appointment. 

What Are The Results Of the Urine CS Test?

The urine is given a few days to let the bacteria grow if it is present. The sample is studied under the microscope to check the signs of bacteria and other organisms. If there is any such bacteria, the results will be positive. 

If there are no bacteria or any organisms found under the microscope, the test results will be negative. Doctors may recommend using some antibiotics. 

It usually takes two to three days for a Urine CS test to get the results. Sometimes, you need to go for a test again to detect the bacteria. 

UTI treatment begins with antibiotics that help to remove the bacteria. 

Drinking plenty of water can also lead to getting rid of bacteria from the urine. Urinating more frequently also removes these bacteria from the body. You need to also take vitamin C supplements to fulfill the deficiency and to boost the immune system. Cranberry juice also works in the best way to remove the bad bacteria from the urinary tract. 

Final thought 

If you have any symptoms of urinary tract infection UTI, get medical help to treat the condition. A urine CS test can help to detect the bacteria.

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