Unsolved Mystery (Flight 828)

Ever heard about the unsolved mystery of Malaysia flight 370 in 2014? Let’s talk about the television series that portrays an incident where flight 828 went missing. The producer made this series inspired by the actual incident of the disappearance of the passengers.

The passengers got disappeared on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in march 2014. An interesting plot of the series starts with the real-life missing airline.

The Airline industry has been tremendously upgrading and enhancing in terms of aircraft reliability. It has also made improvements in precision of navigation, and all the technologies used in radar. Because of technological and scientific advancement, the aviation industry has evolved in the past years.

The flying vehicles has become a more reliable travelling source and is considered less risky. But still there exists some puzzling and strange circumstances of planes that have gone missing.

The truth behind flight 828:

The Flight 828 series includes the story of the disappearance of a Malaysian airline with 239 passengers. It relates to the missing aero-plane of Malaysia.

The viewers love its season 3 because it depicts a science fiction twist. The fans of this series eagerly wait for season 4 because they want to find the real truth that what exactly happened to flight 828 in 2014.

The number 828:

This movie series depends on the story of passengers of Montego Air flight 828 who returned after years of mysteriously vanishing. The plane tragically vanished and disappear into the air. The number 828 refers to the angle number which the director used in the series.

In the beginning, the series starts with a real airline disaster and shows some strange elements which make the series excited. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is such a dilemma and it remains still unsolved.

A series based on an actual incident:

  • Jeff Rake is the creator of the series
  • This kind of airline accident often makes it a mystery
  • It was the series depending on the actual incident of a missing aero-plane of Malaysia flight 370 in march 2014
  • The Malaysia airline 370 is still a mystery
  • An aero-plane disappeared without a trace
  • The truth behind this incident still has not been known
  • You can say that the basic storyline portrays the story of a real-life airline mishap
  • The supernatural elements shown in the series makes the series more exciting and interesting
  • The last communication with the cockpit was of 54 minutes after the plane successfully took off from the airport
  • No distress signal got reported from the aero-plane
  • Flight 828 is not a true tale
  • Its inspiration includes the actual incident of missing passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014
  • That incident led to a loss of 239 lives

Theories about Flight Airline 370

There exists a few theories about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Let’s explore these theories.

  • Due to an electrical fire and smoke, the plane lost communication
  • The pilot got dead due to that incident
  • Other studies show aero-planes as a mystery with bullet holes
  • The remaining theories doesn’tproves the real mystery that happened with the Airline

Plot the real Malaysia Airline Flight 370 incident through different Netflix series

The flight 828 is a Netflix series which have four-season which is not a real story in itself but reflect a real one. The story is full of thrill, excitement and suspicious elements. Netflix decides to engage their viewers more through the hashtag #SaveManifest.

In spring 2022, people expect to watch season-4 which is good news for Netflix watchers.

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