Traditional vs. Cremation Casket: Which one is a better option for you?

Death is a part of life. No matter your circumstances, it can’t hurt to be prepared for its inevitability. You can make things easier on your loved ones by declaring your last wishes while you’re still able to make those decisions. You might be thinking about how you want to be buried; the common methods are traditional burial or cremation.

Cremation is a more environmentally friendly option, so it’s a better choice if you want something eco-friendly. Most people know that cremation involves the body being placed in a cremation chamber (also known as a retort) with the ashes collected into an urn and given to their loved ones. But you might not realize that caskets aren’t just for burials—cremation caskets are used to conduct funerals before the casket is set in the retort. Click here to learn about the various materials used and which one may be the right choice for you.

Cremation Caskets Use Sustainable Materials                  

Many materials used to construct these caskets are sustainably sourced, making them an ethically superior choice. Some casket types are as follows:

  • Bamboo caskets are crafted using sustainable materials and are Fair Trade certified, so you can support a local economy and workers that are paid a fair wage. In this way, your final purchase is an honorable one.
  • Willow caskets are made with the willow plant. This plant is known for its sustainability—it grows quickly and doesn’t need to be cut down, so it’s an environmentally friendly choice. Both willow and bamboo caskets can include a viewing lid, if that’s something you want.
  • Seagrass caskets use both willow and seagrass, which are cultivated in fields that flood seasonally instead of disturbing delicate marine environments.

All of these options are elegant, simple, and use materials safe for cremation that aren’t hard on the environment around them. These qualities mean they are each excellent choices for cremation.

Wood Caskets Are Suitable And Classy

The pine box often carries a stigma of being the cheap, low quality option for people who can’t afford anything nicer. It doesn’t have to be that way. White pine is completely biodegradable and has a rustic, neat look. You can use it for green burials as well, in case you decide against cremation, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Oak and poplar are two other types of wood often used for cremation. Poplar has a more elegant, classy look while oak shows solid craftsmanship. They feature different handles, interior linings, and textures, to allow you to customize your resting place. All of these materials include hardware safe for cremation, so any of these options are good choices.

The Price Is Right

Funeral expenses can be overwhelming. If you’re planning your final arrangements, you want to ease the burden on your loved ones as much as you can. Cremation caskets purchased online are often much cheaper than what you purchase at a funeral home. Because the materials must be combustible, and cannot use metal embellishments, they tend to come at a cheaper price.

You can get better discounts by purchasing directly from a casket supply company instead of going through a funeral director as well. It’s unfortunate that such things need consideration after someone dies, but since that’s reality, it’s important to find savings where you can.

Cremation Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice

When you’re considering options for your final resting place, you want to weigh everything equally and make the best decision possible. Cremation caskets allow your family to hold memorial services with a casket made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. It’s a conscious choice with a positive impact—is there any better way for others to remember you?

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