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Canada’s Auto-Detailing and Car Wash industry has grown 0.3% every year between 2017 and 2022. The industry serves a large number of automobile owners throughout Canada and is expected to bring in $1.2bn in revenue in 2022. The industry is expected to grow further in the coming years. We will be discussing the factors that can contribute to this growth in this article.


Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There has been a substantial drop in the number of individuals cleaning their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry has been steadily growing. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road every year the auto-detailing industry is under immense pressure. Some of the recent trends that are poised to make a significant impact on the direction of the industry are:

Technological advancements: Improved technology has had a great impact on the services auto-detailing businesses are able to offer. These advancements have raised the bar for the quality of services offered by the industry. This has resulted in individuals expecting top-quality services for auto-detailing in Vancouver and other parts of Canada.

The influx of small car wash businesses: Many new small businesses have come forth in recent years. These businesses are offering amazing services for affordable prices. This recent increase in small businesses in the industry has given the big players some healthy competition, as well as clients more options to choose from.

The elevation of competition: The industry’s rapid expansion has resulted in abundant competition. Remaining ahead of the competitors is not easy anymore. Different businesses are offering different services to attract more clients. Customers are starting to consider many factors when choosing an auto detailer for their vehicle. Some of these factors are as follows:

o Pricing

o Better trained staff

o Facility design

o Availability and convenience

Oil cost’s Indirect relation to the industry’s growth: The auto-detailing industry has an indirect relationship with the cost of oil. When gas is cheaper, people tend to travel more, using their automobiles. This results in vehicles getting dirtier and requiring more upkeep. However, increases in oil prices can have an adverse effect on the industry.

Introduction of advance Payment Options: Surveys have shown that car wash services have seen a rise in digital payments over the years. This trend shows that advancements in the digital payments industry can have a positive impact on such businesses. Digital payments allow small businesses to streamline transactions with customers as well as keep better track of their finances.  This is helping businesses scale faster with ease.

Auto-detailing Vancouver

Ensuring that your car looks its best can be easy when you are working with competent auto care professionals. Shiny Auto-detailing services have shown a great track record of offering just that. If you are looking for services such as paint polishing, minor dent removal, scratch restorations, etc. Shiny Auto can be a great option. You can be sure that experienced technicians will provide your vehicle with great care and deliver exactly what you ask for. The team is trained in cutting-edge auto-detailing methods to deliver high-quality work on every automobile they have the opportunity to work on. The highly skilled team uses eco-friendly steam cleaning systems to remove stains germs and deodorize your vehicle to get back that new car smell. Shiny aims to surpass expectations by offering ultra-careful detailing to your car both inside and out.​

Top Quality Interior and Exterior Auto-Detailing Services by Shiny

Auto-detailing services can help you keep your car’s exterior and interior in top shape for several years. If you are a resident of the Vancouver area, Shiny mobile Auto-detailing can help you achieve this at an affordable price. As a locally owned and operated auto-detailing business in Vancouver, Shiny specializes in delivering a broad range of cost-effective makeover services for all kinds of vehicles. The highly experienced staff will utilize a thorough strategy to make your automobile look as attractive as the gallery floor.

Shiny uses top-quality products and verified techniques to clean your car, van, truck, or SUV. Whether you’re looking to sell your vehicle or improve its stylish appeal, Shiny will help you maximize your car’s potential. Their reliable team ensures that you receive affordable pricing, excellent service, and convenient availability.

Why Choose Shiny Auto-Detailing

Shiny Auto-detailing is a mobile car detailing service that comes to you! Shiny’s team is fully equipped with its own power and water supply. The only things you need to provide are access to your vehicle and the keys. You can easily book an appointment with Shiny by calling them over the phone going on their website. You can be sure that you will receive hassle-free service without leaving the comfort of your home.

Shiny’s team of professional auto detailers uses techniques and products that make their services substantially sustainable compared to other businesses. They use a range of eco-friendly, bio-degradable products and a customized water management system that uses 90% less water than traditional DIY car washes.

Shiny’s knowledgeable technicians will pay great attention to repairing any problems on the exterior or interior of your car. Shiny’s top priority is customer satisfaction, and they thrive to make sure that your car receives the care it deserves.


Your car can often be your best friend, helping you get from one place to another. Most people like to take good care of their car as they spend a lot of time in it. However, maintaining your car can be difficult if you lead a busy lifestyle or don’t have the proper tools. Shiny Auto can help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition from the comfort of your home for an affordable price.

How is Automobile Detailing Different from a Regular Car Wash Service?

Many individuals are under the impression that car washing, and car detailing services are virtually identical. However, the two have a great number of differences. Car detailing is a more comprehensive and in-depth version of a regular car wash. Car washing includes cleaning your car, whereas car detailing may include small restoration and reconditioning work as well.

What services are included in Car Detailing?

Car detailing typically includes services to maintain, repair, and restore the exterior and interior of your car. However, it can include many services depending on your requirements. Some of the common services included in car detailing are:

Paint care: Your car’s paint can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your car. Most detailing services like Shiny Auto-detailing take steps to clean and protect your car’s paint. The steps for paint care include:

Thoroughly washing the car to remove any dirt and grease from the surface.

Applying clay bar to remove contaminants such as metal pieces, dirt, dust, etc.

Polishing the paint to remove small scratches, if needed.

Waxing the car’s body to provide extra protection.

Interior detailing: Experienced detailers utilize top-quality chemicals and solutions to keep the interior safe from damage and render a cleaner look. This includes thorough seat cleaning, vacuuming, cushioning maintenance, and steam washing the seats and mats.

Headlights & taillights care: Pollution, dirt, and other environmental elements can take a toll on your car’s headlights. This can result in the headlights looking dirty due to moisture and oxidation. Experienced detailers follow a step-by-step procedure and use premium-grade products to fix hazy, cloudy, or yellowed headlights.

How often should I hire an auto-detailing service?

Many experts recommend that you should get your car detailed two to three times every year. However, the frequency that works best for you will ultimately depend on how you use your car and how well you maintain it on a regular basis. Getting your car detailed more often will help you keep it in better condition, but it will be wise to consider your needs.

Can car detail remove scratches from the paintwork?

Scratches can reveal the metal under the painted surface exposing it to corrosion, sunlight, and other agents, inviting additional damage. Competent car detailing experts take several steps to protect your car’s paint. Polishing the paint to remove scratches and waxing can help maintain your paint’s quality and protect your car’s exterior from corrosion.


Detailing your car at frequent intervals is a sure-fire way of preserving your investment throughout the years. At Shiny Auto-detailing services, the team goes above and beyond to ensure that your detailing venture is a pleasant and indulging one. If you are in the Vancouver area, feel free to contact Shiny Auto-detailing for your car detailing needs.

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