Top 5 Workzone Features You Need to Know About 2022

Workzone software has been around for a while, having been founded in the early 2009s by two friends, Rick and Allan who saw a gap in the market and took it as an opportunity. Rick and Allan saw that there was a desperate need for effective tools that helped manage work and plan projects. They came up with Workzone to deal with the inadequacies of current project management in the market that did not cater well to marketing-related projects.

In this piece, we will be telling you about the features in Workzone software which are perfect for your project planning needs. We will be going over all the top features in this software and helping you figure out once and for all whether or not the Workzone project management tool is the right tool for your needs. Keep reading if you would like to evaluate whether this song is right for you.

5 Top Rated Features in Workzone

Budget Management

The first feature in Workzone software we want to tell you about is the Budget Management feature which allows for better finances in your business. The software has a wonderful feature for finance management that allows you to add all your expenses and revenue into the software which allows for better money management for your business overall. The software allows you to ensure that you budget better and have a constant ledger of all your money and dealings. The feature allows you to make any other finance-related software useless because now you can manage your money on your project planning software and make things so much easier for yourself and your team!


The templates feature in Workzone software is another wonderful feature we feel the need to tell you about. This feature helps you to skim through the various templates that are hosted on the software. You can then choose a template that is right for you and for your project planning. This helps you save time because having a pre-made template that you can just populate with details for your project. The software allows you to easily even further customize the templates so that they suit you better. This essentially makes your work so much easier because you can plan a project in no time at all!

Easy Collaboration

The next feature in this software we want to tell you about is the easy collaboration feature. This feature allows you and your colleagues to work together in a much more synthesized manner. This feature allows everyone to be on the same page because the entire team has access to the dashboard. Everyone can view the progress made on the project as a whole and can know what is left and what is done. This really helps you to ensure that work is more cohesive on a whole for you and your team which is very important!

Simple Dashboard

The dashboard feature is another one we want to tell you about. This feature helps you to get used to the software in no time at all. The dashboard in workzone software is very customizable and helps you to make it your own so you can add features you use the most to the forefront which is very important. The software also allows you to hit the ground running; you do not have to spend days just learning how to navigate the software since you can get used to the features and everything related to it right away. All in all, the dashboard on Workzone software is very user-friendly and easy to use!

Comment and Notes Feature

The next feature we want to tell you about is the comments and notes feature which allows you to really make things easier for you and your team in terms of collaboration on a project. The software has a comments feature that allows you to leave comments on work submitted and uploaded by your colleagues. This helps you leave feedback and notes for any changes or suggestions you may have. This allows for better communication and also for you to save time in terms of sending suggestions and having the colleague implement them in the work. This allows you to save time that would otherwise have been spent in a meeting for the same thing!

Workzone Pricing

When we talk about Workzone pricing, the software costs about $200 for the starting price. The software allows a rising price model which means the more features you want to unlock, the more the software will cost. This allows you to choose which model you want which helps in managing costs because you can choose the software model you want and hence control the cost and how much you will spend!

Is Workzone a Solid Choice for you?

Now we come to the final but all-important question; is Workzone software right for you. We want you to write down all the features you would want in a best project management software and then see whether Workzone software has these features. If most or all the features you want are present in this software then you should choose it.

Now we want to tell you how you should go about choosing software. We suggest reading Workzone reviews left by users. Users who have used the software for years give you a decent idea about how the software will treat you in the long run and is a good measure of whether the software is right for you.

We are sure whatever software you choose will be the right call for you. Just ensure that you choose software that has features that you absolutely need!

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