Tips On How To Save On Grocery At The Big Y Superstore

Big Y has been one of the most popular family-owned retail local grocery stores serving people since 1936. With more than 70 stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut, this retail food company is among the go-to places for Canadians when it comes to grocery shopping. And, when you visit a superstore like the Big Y, it is very easy to come with a bag full of more food items than required. Thus, people end up spending more money on groceries. Luckily, there are ways to spend less and save more on grocery shopping, while still eating well. 

Plan Your Meals First

The easiest way to save money on groceries at Big Y or any other superstore is to eat what you already have in your pantry. Thus, if you are looking to cut down your grocery bills, start with creating a meal plan, and have a look at what you have in your freezer, or pantry. Make sure to check expiration dates and note what you need to buy.

Fix A Budget

If you don’t make a budget, you will definitely end up spending more at the Big Y superstore. As grocery is one of the topmost expenses for most people, sticking to a budget will help you save a lot. One way to find out your food budget is to think about how much you want to spend. Generally, your food budget should not be more than 10-15% of your total expenses.

Check Big Y Weekly Ads and Flyers

All grocery stores are designed to get a shopper spend more money through flashy displays, samples, or cleverly planned aisles. At the same time, grocery stores also let you save money via deals. For this, you can look at the Big Y weekly Ads and see what’s trending. Check if the items you have added to your grocery list are on sale. You can stock up on an item that you frequently use.

Eat Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Now that you have created your meal plan, make sure to include seasonal fruits, and veggies to it. Fresh produce that is not in season needs to be shipped from the place where it is in season. When this produce reaches the grocery store shelves, it has lost much of its taste, and texture. Seasonal produce in not only delicious, healthy, but it is also available at a cheaper price. So, you will buy the best-quality food items and save a few dollars.

Take Your Bag Along

Don’t forget to take your bags along! Bring your own bag to the grocery superstore, and reuse this bag on your grocery shopping trips. Buy a good quality, reusable bag at the checkout for future to keep saving on grocery items. 

Now that you have done your due diligence, step out for your next grocery shopping trip. Keep all these savvy tips in mind, and you will be able to save a lot of money. Happy grocery shopping!

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