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Tips For Managing Your Families Laundry This Winter

As seasons change, they bring adjustments for any family, and one of the changes that is often least considered is the laundry that occurs. During summer, there are many pairs of shorts and t-shirts, people will wear sandals without socks, and this can cause a regular amount of laundry that can be maintained reasonably. However, in winter, additional laundry is created that can be harder to keep up with, with outwear, socks that get wet in the snow, increased layers of clothing for warmth, and hats and gloves. There are some small changes that can be made to help manage the family’s laundry every winter.

Create a Schedule

For families with children, it can be necessary to wash much of the outer gear a few times a year, keep up with dry hats and gloves or mittens, and keep up with the socks all week. To help manage the laundry, it can help to have a schedule that will keep up with the laundry as it is created. Washing snow pants and coats on the weekends can allow them time to dry well before they are needed, and having a day to do certain laundry tasks can help to keep the laundry from piling up and can encourage everyone in the family to help keep up with the task.

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Set Routines

Having routines like putting wet gloves or mittens in the dryer upon returning inside from playing in the snow or from school can help to keep up with the laundry. When something becomes a routine, it is often completed without great attention and is easier to maintain, helping to lighten the load of the laundry and other tasks.


Encouraging each member of the family to place wet clothing, dirty clothes, and towels, all in a hamper after use, will help to keep it organized. Laundry that is placed into laundry baskets or hampers is easier to locate when it is time to wash it than when it is scattered around the house, and keeping that routine can help to fit the extra laundry into the regular schedule for the home. Don’t have a laundry hamper? Consider purchasing environmentally friendly A World of Bamboo laundry hampers, as they are made from bamboo. This is a great choice if you need to add more hampers to your household.  It also encourages everyone to share the work of keeping up with the laundry rather than it being just one person.

Share the Work

The laundry created by an entire family throughout the winter can be difficult for one person to manage on their own. When the work is shared among the members of the family, it can be easier to keep up and to manage the demands. By having each person in the family put their wet clothing items in the dryer or in a hamper when they arrive home or come inside can help to manage the laundry, as well as alternating who is responsible for putting it in the dryer and turning it on. Children are able to do many tasks such as putting things in a hamper, folding their own laundry and putting it away, and throwing wet gear into the dryer, and turning it on. When the workload is shared, it is easier to manage the task and maintain the laundry throughout the winter.


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