This Medicine Cabinet That Is Your kitchen And Hearing problems.

Many of you are probably unaware of it, but your kitchen’s cupboards are full of many products, of which you completely ignore the therapeutic virtues. Still, these natural remedies can be of great help in an emergency.



Until now, honey was only used to sweeten your herbal tea or to spread on your toast? And sometimes, you also use it for your scrub sessions. Imagine that this sticky and sweet substance is also an exceptional healing agent. And I confirm it, and I have already experienced it.

Indeed, during one of our Sunday picnics, I cut my hand deeply while trying to open a can with a knife. Without further ado, we rinsed the wound, and then a friend suggested that I apply a compress soaked in honey. Without conviction, I let her do it all the same. To my surprise, the bleeding stopped. I changed the bandage regularly, and the cut healed quickly as well.


The vinegar

As for the vinegar, I often use white alcohol vinegar to relieve the itching since I regularly suffer from hives. We know all the disinfectant power of this product. To do this, it suffices to vigorously rub the parts of the body concerned with a cotton ball soaked in it. The irritation will disappear in just a few minutes.

A natural remedy that is also very effective against insect bites and eczema. Try it, and you will tell me the news! Otherwise, for people who are often prone to muscle cramps, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of lukewarm water will give you relief in no time. You can even lightly massage the painful areas with apple cider vinegar if you want an immediate and instant effect. Here is a cheap, but above all, an effective muscle relaxant.




Finally, salt is not only used to enhance the taste and flavor of our food. Indeed, this crystallized substance has also been prevalent since antiquity for its multiple medicinal properties. The proof, why do you think thalassotherapy is recommended in many different pathologies? Are you exhausted from your continued return pain? A boiling bath of iodized sea salt will give you relief.

Gargling with coarse salt will also solve your sore throat problems. As for me, I use it mainly to decongest my blocked nose in the event of a cold or a sinus attack by injecting it into my nostrils, using a syringe also learn landscape drawing.


Hearing problems


Between tinnitus, presbycusis, or even mild deafness, occasionally, chronically, or permanently, hearing problems can occur at any age, regardless of sex. Some can be perfectly cured, while others require the wearing of prostheses.



Deafness is one of the most worrying hearing disorders because the diagnosis is made, surgery, an implant, or wearing a device is necessary for the person to regain good hearing again. Today, it is clear that these prostheses, particularly those sold at Vision, are more modern and sophisticated. Indeed, their acoustic quality is unparalleled, like the micro-contours. In addition, over the years, many improvements have been made in their comfort, in their aesthetics, but above all in their discretion with increasingly small boxes for the outlines of the ears, for example.

Some are even real high-tech gadgets since they are connected and can sync directly to your smartphones and touchpads. With these photographs, it is then feasible to talk hands-free during telephone conversations. Or listen to music through mp3 players. And not surprisingly, these latest generation prostheses are especially popular with adolescents and young adults.



However, it is not only people with deafness who need to wear devices, but also those with presbycusis. The natural process is characterized by aging and deterioration of inner ear cells, eardrums, and ossicles; this hearing impairment usually occurs around sixty.

Women and men are equally affected. And even if presbycusis does not occur until old age, this bilateral deterioration of hearing appears more and more early. It mainly concerns people who work in noisy places or even those who listen to music at full blast through headphones and portable audio players. What is more, today, these headphones are very powerful. Among the symptoms of this pathology is the inability to distinguish sounds, especially in a noisy place. Or the inability to converse on the phone. So, signs that should immediately raise the alarm.



Fortunately, hearing problems do not necessarily lead to deafness or a posteriori the wearing of a prosthesis. Others, including tinnitus, are only temporary or temporary disorders and can be treated ideally, even using natural remedies. Their origins can be numerous, from a plug of earwax that has lodged in the internal ducts of the ear, an ear infection, or prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Without warning, this inconvenience can suddenly disappear as it appeared. However, to get rid of these very unpleasant buzzing sounds for good, it will undoubtedly be necessary to consult. Be careful; however, persistent tinnitus despite consultation with an ENT doctor and appropriate treatment must not be exercised easily, as it can be a symptom of other serious illnesses, to name only high blood pressure.

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