The most luxurious yachts of 2021

Buying water transport for most people on the planet does not seem to be the most rational decision. Such transport is limited in the area of ​​use, therefore it is suitable only for those who are replaced by the sea with a second home. At the same time, wealthy people have been buying yachts for a long time, which cost several million dollars, which allows them to demonstrate their high income. Which yachts are the most expensive in the world? We will talk about the most interesting options further.

Sailing yacht a

This model remains the largest sailing yacht. Its customer is billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. The yacht was launched in 2015, and its production took place at one of the German shipyards. The cost of the yacht was $ 500 million. The yacht is distinguished by the presence of 8 decks, and the mast height exceeds 100 meters. To service the yacht after going out to sea, her crew increases from 7 people to 50 sailors. The yacht can reach speeds of up to 37 km / h under sail.

Yacht Topaz

The owner of this luxury yacht is Mansour Al Nahyan, who is one of the crown princes in Abu Dhabi and serves as Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that the yacht cost him $ 527 million and was completed in 2012. The model, made according to the original design, has a total length of 147 meters. It features a streamlined body geometry that not only attracts attention but also increases its speed. The development of the huge yacht took over 4 years.

Yacht Crescent

The peculiarity of this model is that it still has not found its owner. The estimated cost is $ 600 million, and the luxury yacht was launched in 2018. She became one of the most luxurious yacht models on the planet at the time of her construction and is 135 meters long. The yacht received the name “Thunder” and is distinguished by high speed, as well as huge three-deck windows. Stable Wi-Fi allows you to play live dealer casino India on such a yacht at any convenient time. A modern casino is accessible from anywhere in the world where it is possible to connect to the network. Players are only required to complete the registration procedure, which will allow them to wager on classic machines, as well as on more modern slots with three-dimensional graphics, or sit at the table for playing poker with live dealers. Fast payouts and great welcome bonuses await every new player.

Yacht Azzam

The owner of the yacht is Khalifa Al Nahyan, who holds the post of President of the United Arab Emirates and is also the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The model went on its maiden voyage in 2013 and has a value of $ 620 million. Here are some facts about the yacht to help you understand her features:

  • manufacturer – famous German brand Lürssen;
  • yacht length – more than 180 meters (the longest yacht on the planet);
  • The yacht is propelled by a 108,920 horsepower engine (designed for container ships).

For this unique yacht, an unusual style was also chosen, which became the neoclassicism of the early 19th century.

Yacht Dilbar

Alisher Usmanov became the buyer of the yacht, which set off on its maiden voyage in 2010. The yacht was named after his mother and cost the businessman $ 800 million. It was produced by Lürssen, which produced most of the yachts in this rating. The model is 156 meters long and is the most spacious on the planet since the area of ​​its premises is 3,800 square meters. m. There are two helicopter landing pads on the deck at once.

Yacht Eclipse

Roman Abramovich remains one of the richest men in Russia, so it is not surprising that the $ 1.2 billion yachts belongs to him. Its manufacturer is Blohm & Voss, which launched it in 2009. At the time of its transfer to the owner, the yacht was the largest private ship on the planet. The design of the yacht is mesmerizing, as is its interior. It is 163 meters long.

The equipment of the yacht testifies to the large budget for its construction. It allowed the addition of two helipads, which, in combination with Eurocopter helicopters, cost £ 1 million each. There are also 4 pleasure boats and 20 water scooters. The kit also includes a small submarine worth 2 million pounds.

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