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The importance of lifestyle changes for stress reduction

The importance work culture is changing day by day and making a significant impact on the mental and physical health of people. Employees are working round the clock and following erratic work routines, which are making them vulnerable to many illnesses.

If you are feeling stressed at exhausted at your workplace, it affects your personal life too. Along with personal life, it takes a toll on your career and makes you less productive.

You cannot control the stress reasons, but you can manage your reactions to stressful situations. Many people become aggressive and restless when they are under stress.

You can condition your mind to be calm under stressful situations, and once you know how to handle the stress, you will feel a difference in your reactions and your surroundings too.

The lifestyle consequences

In Ireland, according to a survey, almost 44% of the working days were lost due to the ill-health of the employees. When you are working in a dynamic environment, your work also becomes demanding. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to cope with increasing stress.

It is essential to manage your stress on a day-to-day basis not to let it pile up and convert into disorder. Everybody has their own different reasons for stress. Some are stressed out because of their financial situation.

For example, some people have borrowed car loans in Ireland and cannot pay them back, which has become their reason for stress. Similarly, every individual has their own stress reasons.

Lifestyle changes to reduce stress levels


  1. Learn to say No

According to labour surveys, it is found that many employees feel stressed due to increasing workload and tight deadlines. It becomes challenging to manage it all with a lack of managerial support and too much work pressure.

If your senior management is not considerate to understand your workload, it is challenging to multitask for a longer time.

This is where the role of saying no plays an important role. Assess the situation and say no. Do not feel guilty, and do not pressurize yourself.

This may seem to be a selfish approach, but it is helpful to protect yourself from getting stressed out.

Once you learn the art of saying no, you will be a happier person, and also, there will be an increase in your productivity. Being happy also keeps your personal life balanced and stress-free.

  1. Make your health a priority

You may have been taught since childhood that you should help others whenever you get a chance.

But if you are helping others at your workplace, to the extent where you have to compromise on your health and not feeling good, it is not acceptable.

You have to prioritize your health and then help others. If you are healthy at the physical and mental level, you will be better able to offer help to others.

Keeping your health at stake and then helping others may leave you drained out and over-worked that will eventually make you less productive and prone to illnesses. You can fulfil your professional goals only when you are healthy and happy.

  1. Avoid work while eating

There may be times when you are super busy and do not get proper to have lunch in your office. You may have lunch at your desk and simultaneously completing your pending work.

Having lunch while working is an ineffective way to work and eat both. It is imperative to take breaks at your workplace to give your mind a break and increase your efficiency.

When you start your day, plan your day to give you time to enjoy your meals and not hamper your work routine. It is advisable to have lunch away from your work desk to provide you with a short break.

  1. Be imaginative

Amidst your hectic and stressful routine, just take out a minute and imagine yourself doing something relaxing and rejuvenating.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful and relaxing place, and it will give you a breather and make your situation less stressful. It will help you to reduce your stress levels. You can also start writing and sharing your thoughts at platforms like The Doe.
  1. Celebrate your achievements

You have two choices. Either you celebrate your life, or you keep worrying about your workload and spoil your present. It is always easy to get concerned and spend your time that way.

Stop worrying about things and start doing them. Also, celebrate your smallest achievements as they will make you feel accomplished.

Once you try it, you will feel the difference in your approach, and things will work out in your favour. Celebrate every small task that you accomplished on your journey.

Tick off your completed tasks to feel happy. With this small step, you can feel a significant difference in your attitude and your way of working.

  1. Keep your relaxing song ready

If you are a music lover, many songs may take you to a different tangent and make you feel good. If you are not a music lover, still there be a song that makes you feel good and happy.

Maybe there is a song that relaxes you and keeps you calm and peaceful. You can listen to that song in between your work. Take a pause and listen to that song to lighten your stressful moments at work.

Our body positively reacts to music, and once you start listening to that song, you will notice a change in your mood. You will feel calmer and happy.

  1. Find a relaxing activity during your day

Despite keeping extremely busy, find an activity that will keep you calm amidst all the chaos. If you’re a graduate of a garden design course, you could de-stress by planning and working on your backyard’s landscape so it can be a productive day as well.

Do not waste your time in activities that make you more exhausted. Instead, invest your time in relaxation activities to keep your stress levels in control.



Stress is a part of your routine and motivates you to push your limits and attain a sense of achievement.

High-stress levels lead to many problems and hamper your regular day-to-day routine. It is essential to make some relevant lifestyle changes to lead a happier and peaceful life.

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