Solid Reasons for Choosing the Best Branding Agencies in London

A prominent company brand is essential right from start-up. It is important to start your business off on the right footing. However, if somehow you failed to realise this on your business start-up, it’s not too late to rectify it through rebranding. So, why is good company branding so important? Well, we know why and here are some solid reasons for choosing the best branding agencies in London for your company.

  • Branding tells your companies story:

Branding tells the story of your company and everyone likes a good story. A compelling story is a great means of communication and communication is a very important role in business. 

Good stories aid in attracting customers to your business. Now we are not talking about book-length stories, no, we are talking about short stories. Stories can be just a few meaningful, and to the point, lines. 

Brand stories are all about bringing your brand to life in detail, getting people hooked on your brand through showing off the unique services and characteristics it offers.

Good branding agencies in London will not only grab the attention of people with stories, but hold them, and they do this through:

  • Relevant short text articles;
  • Video;
  • Graphics, infographics and pictures;
  • Live experiences.

Branding stories can help in creating a competitive edge for your company. They can entice people to your brand, turn them into customers and help retain them. 

Stories can also attract the right talent by way of employees that help make your business stand out above the competition.

  • Excellent branding helps with successful mergers/acquisitions:

The best branding agencies in London can help if your company is considering a merger or acquisition. 

When considering branding in regards to mergers or acquisitions a good agency will consider many things, including the following aspects:

  • The pillars which the company is founded on, such as purpose, values and brand vision;
  • Market segments in regards to new opportunities that might arise when bringing two organisations together;
  • Minimising disruption during mergers/acquisitions;
  • Keeping customers well informed.
  • Good branding helps businesses grow:

The best branding agencies in London can help your company to grow and expand into the future.

Qualitative measurement of your brand is an extremely important factor of any business and key measures agencies help with include:

  • Attracting new customers;
  • Retaining customers;
  • Boosting company/service/product reviews;
  • Establishing trust of the company;
  • Increase revenue;
  • Promoting transparency;
  • Build reputation.
  • Brings all visible elements of your brand together:

A good branding agency will be able to successfully bring all of the visible elements of your brand together. These typically include the brand name, the logo, the design, colours, typography and tone of your business. These all help the target audience to tell your company and its brand apart from the competition. 

You should preferably start as you mean to go on and establish your company branding early on, but if not you can successfully rebrand. 

To be able to build a successful brand identity your agency will help you to gain a clear understanding of the following aspects:

  • Your brand values;
  • Your company mission;
  • Your brand’s unique selling point;
  • The personality of your brand.

It is important that all aspects of your identity are thought out very clearly and that development is in a style supporting your company’s overall mission, its values, business goals and personality. 

  • Help you understand your brand identity:

It’s all well and good talking about brand identity and a company being able to help you create that identity, but you should know why creating good branding is important.  

The creative team of experts who make up your branding agency should offer a bespoke personal service that can lead you every step of the way by offering advice and guidance. 

This includes ensuring you know the importance of creating a brand identity, which includes:

  • Brand recognition – the visual representation of your brand which will become the symbol of your company;
  • Awareness – a strong brand identity helps to drive company awareness thanks to increasing visibility, which in turn brings in more customers;
  • Standing out – your company will have competition and it is important to stand out. Company branding helps your company to stand out and gain a unique position in the market. Branding helps to show off unique characteristics;
  • Creating consistency – good brand identity establishes clear guidelines and consistency to best represent your company. This helps in making sure people easily recognise your brand.
  • Gaining a strong website brand identity:

More and more people are making online purchases and searching for information when considering purchasing, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic rules in place. With this in mind, a strong website brand identity has never been as essential. 

The best branding agencies in London realise the importance of E-commerce and having a user-friendly website that is visually engaging. Your website is the first impression of your brand; therefore, website brand identity is extremely important. 

Factors that go towards strong website brand identity include:

  • A logo that stands out;
  • Brand colours and aesthetics;
  • Representation of brand characteristics;
  • Strong brand messaging;
  • Offering outstanding customer support.

In summary:

All of the above are solid reasons for choosing to work with a branding agency and show you why company branding is essential. 

We offer a personal service and bespoke team, with many years of expertise, who will work alongside you to develop your brand or assist you with rebranding. Over the years our personal approach has helped us to build up a great reputation, working with some of the most renowned brands out there. 

Our team helps businesses to effectively communicate what they offer, ensuring customers don’t move on to your competitors. We clarify your message and make sure it gets across, in everything from establishing a strong website identity to combining all visible elements of your brand, to telling your company story and beyond.

These are just some of the reasons why we are one of the best branding agencies in London. Contact Ikon today to find out how we can help your business transform from average to exceptional. 

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