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Social Listening with NetbaseQuid

What is social listening? It is the process of monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting conversations across all social media channels to gain insights about topics or issues. Social listening provides a powerful way for businesses to understand what people are saying about them on social media. NetbaseQuid has partnered with Facebook to integrate information from Facebook into its analytics platform. They have also created an app called QuidLive that allows users to listen in on live discussions happening around any topic they are interested in using hashtags or keywords.

Quid is a research and analysis platform for the documentation and visualization of qualitative data. It can also help businesses to prioritize topics, uncover insights and discover emerging trends that will inform the business’s decision-making process across marketing, product development, customer care, and more.

A social listening tool such as Quid captures conversations about your company or brand in real-time. It alerts you to new mentions, tracks sentiment, and provides a summary of the conversation. In addition, you gain additional insights about the people sharing that content as it relates to demographics, infographics, and even personal interests!

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A social listening tool enables marketers to monitor what’s being said on the web about their product or service so they can act upon it quickly.


A social media monitoring tool allows companies to monitor what people are saying about their company, products, or services on the Internet in real-time. It provides information about both positive and negative sentiments so marketers can be proactive about addressing issues. It also helps them identify new topics of interest within their industry, monitor trends, track competitors, and identify influencers.


Social media monitoring is how you can learn what the world thinks about your brand, company, or product. Based on this information, businesses can more effectively target social media spending. The more you know about which topics are popular among your audience, the better content marketing campaigns will be.

The benefits of listening to social media are really about understanding your customers better. Online monitoring lets you learn more about what they like or dislike, where they hang out, and how you can best market to them in the digital world.

By analyzing what people are saying, businesses spend money in places that will give them the most return for their efforts.

A study by Collective Bias revealed that nearly 90% of social media users will use a company’s social media channel more if they get a response to their comment or question, while 54% of respondents said they were more likely to purchase from a retailer who communicated directly on the same channel where the customer asked for information.

Social listening software can monitor all forms of social media and provide analytics, insights, and sentiment analysis.

According to a Forrester Research report, 59% of brand marketers believe that social media has increased the ability of their organization to listen to what customers are saying about them online. Social media monitoring can be used primarily as an analytical tool for customer insights, to understand how customers are interacting with the brand online. Social media listening tools can be used for competitive analysis, content marketing, customer service, and campaign management.


According to an Aberdeen Group study in 2011, “companies that proactively listen on social media channels typically achieve a 50% greater success rate in achieving revenue goals than their peers that don’t use social media for listening.”


Social media monitoring tools are most effective when marketers combine different methods of listening, such as through analytic platforms that measure sentiment, chatbots, and agent-assisted listening. When businesses start with one method but expand to multiple techniques they can enhance their understanding of what people are saying about the brand online.


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