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Six Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety in a Few Minutes

Do you stay anxious most of the day, every day? If yes, it’s time you incorporate a few changes to your lifestyle. That’s right, guys. Anti-anxiety medications are not the solution to everything. They have plenty of side effects, too.

Thus, it’s a smart choice to stick to lifestyle remedies. Let me share a few of them with you so that you know what you need to do the next time you feel anxious:

Breathing Exercise

It is said that when you feel anxious, you tend to protect your upper body. One way you can relax those stiff muscles is by breathing in and out. It’s as simple as that. Just stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and relax your chest. After that, breathe in and out for a few minutes. The more you’ll practice it, the more effective it will be.


Ranking second is meditation. Meditation teaches you to live in the present moment. It takes your attention away from the stressful things and helps you stay in the moment, which naturally eliminates anxiety and stress. So, simply look for a quiet corner, sit down, and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Make this a routine if anxiety is persistent in your life.

A Cup of Herbal Tea 

Do you go for coffee whenever you’re stressed? Or maybe a cup of tea? You’ll be surprised to know that caffeine actually increases your stress levels, making you more anxious. The remedy for this is to have a cup of herbal tea instead. Buy death bubba strain or ashwagandha and make yourself a cup of tea every night before going to bed.

Body Massage 

Another effective remedy for anxiety is body massage. It is something that can relax your body as well as your mind at the same time, naturally putting anxiety to bed. For those who remain anxious, having a regular body massage would be beneficial. It could be a human-administered massage or chair massage therapy, whatever works best for you.

Journal Writing 

Oftentimes, you feel anxious because of too many things on your mind. You remain stressed because of the pressure on your chest. One way to lift up that pressure is by journal writing. Yes, start writing a daily journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings. It will not only ease your mind but also relax you physically, taking the anxiety away instantly.

A Healthy Sleep Cycle 

Last but not least, please don’t forget to sleep on time. Having a healthy sleep cycle is mandatory in order to maintain great mental health. Lack of sleep can contribute to your anxiety, making matters worse. Therefore, 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended to everyone, regardless of age and gender.

It’s pretty simple. Isn’t it? You can call these tips and tricks your anxiety busters. Trust me; they’re more than effective. You just have to stick to them. I wish you good luck, my friends! Have a wonderful day ahead!

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